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Post available in English and Romanian
Cel mai placut sentiment pentru mine e atunci cand descopar un om in multime care imi lasa impresia, la prima privire, ca are un suflet cald. Sigur stiti sentimentul ala … cand vezi pentru prima data pe cineva si esti sigur ca te-ai intelege cu omul ala…

Asa ca, pentru ca totusi vorbim de un sentiment rar, obisnuiesc sa zambesc atunci cand vad pe cineva care se potriveste descrierii. Bucurestiul castiga detasat premiul pentru cel mai morocanos oras din Europa. E mult daca un om din 1o intoarce gestul! Ascuns printre hainele negre si gri care predomina in peisajul din Bucuresti, un zambet cald intr-o zi friguroasa de toamna poate sa ii faca oricui ziua mai frumoasa. 🙂

For me, one of the greatest feelings is when I discover somebody in the crowd that, at the first
Sight has a good soul. I’m sure you know that moment, when you see somebody for the first
Time and you are sure that you could get along with him, or her …So, because we’re talking about a rare feeling, I smile when I see somebody that fits this description. Bucharest clearly can win the award for world’s grumpiest town. No more than one person Out of 10 smiles back! Hidden behind the black and gray clothes that most of the people from Bucharest wear, a warm smile on a cold autumn day can make everyone’s day better. 🙂



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