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In Turcia, am fost si intr-o excursie la casa Fecioarei Maria. One of the trips we took in Turkey was at the House of the Virgin Mary.
A meritat sa vizitam acest loc incredibil de frumos, dar si cu o poveste extraordinara.It was well worth the visit especially because of the beautiful place but also the story.
Casa a fost descoperita in secolul al 19-lea. Viziunile unei calugarite din Germania, Anne Catherine Emmerich, l-au condus pe un preot francez fix in acest loc. 
Se spune ca Fecioara Maria a fost adusa in acest loc de Sfantul Ioan.
The house was discovered in the 19-th century by following the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, a nun from Germany.


The belief is that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken to this stone house by Saint John.

Aici se gaseste capela (casa, dar si mormantul Fecioarei Maria). Am asteptat cateva minute la coada ca sa intram.At the site there is a Chapel (the house combined with her grave). We stayed a few minutes in a line to get in.
Pozele sunt interzise in interiorul capelei.Pictures were forbidden inside, I took a shot from a panel.
Tot aici gasiti o gradina frumoasa, cu multe flori si pisici prietenoase.There is also a garden, with friendly cats, and flowers.
Puteti sa scrieti o dorinta si sa o prindeti pe acest perete. Se spune ca dorinta se va indeplini.A wall where people write a wish on a piece of paper and tie it there to come true.
In acest loc exista si un izvor, se spune ca apa are proprietati miraculoase.


Acum cativa ani un incediu a afectat locul. Focul a distrus padurea, dar nu si casa Fecioarei Maria.

In aceeasi excursie am poposit la o fabrica de ceramica. Am vazut acolo cateva obiecte fabricate manual. Ca amintire am cumparat un magnet cu soarele si luna, extrem de frumos realizat.

And there is also a stream called the “Water of Mary”. It is said that the water has healing properties.


The interesting story is that a few years ago, there was a fire there that has destroyed the forest behind the house but nothing else.

Another stop point in the trip was a ceramics factory. We saw there some beautiful handmade pieces. I took a sun and moon fridge magnet as a memory.

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