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In afara de Kusadasi, in Turcia, am vizitat si Istanbul. A fost doar o vizita scurta, de doua zile, ce a avut ca eveniment principal un concert U2, care a avut loc pe Stadionul Ataturk. A fost o experienta unica si nu regret ca nu am dormit  timp de aproape 48 de ore si apoi am ajuns direct la serviciu. Besides Kusadasi I’ve also visited Istanbul in Turkey. It was a flash visit, just two days long, and the main event was the U2 concert, at Ataturk Stadium. It was definitely worth the almost 48 hours with no sleep, and then a full day at work.

Am vizitat in graba principalele obiective. Daca ajungeti in Istanbul, atunci nu ratati celebra Hagi Sophia, Palatul Topkapi, Moscheea Albastra, Turnul Galata, zidurile si portile vechi are orasului, si, nu in ultimul rand o plimbare pe Bosfor. Din lipsa de timp nu am mai ajuns la Bazar, dar nici nu regret, pentru ca nu stiu deloc sa ma targuiesc. Sper sa mai ajung la Istanbul ca sa descopar si alte locuri frumoase. We visited in a hurry the main objectives. If you’re in Istanbul then don’t miss Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), the Galata Tower, city walls and gates, and of course a Bosfor cruise. I never got to visit the Bazaar because I’m not a fan of the craziness that is there. I wish to return soon and spend more time in Istanbul.

Sa nu va dati inapoi de la bucataria turceasca, altfel veti rata mancaruri delicioase. Mie cel mai mult mi-au placut iskender-ul, cafeaua turceasca si celebra baclava, care e incredibil de dulce. Intanbulul e paradisul oricarui iubitor de pisici, acestea sunt extrem de prietenoase, si le puteti zari la tot pasul. Ele conduc orasul 🙂 Also, try the Turkish cuisine which is an absolute delight. I loved the iskender, Turkish coffee and the baklava, which is insanely sweet. And as a cat lover I drove my bf crazy trying to pet all the purring creatures that walk the streets, and trust me, the cats own the place 🙂


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