Post available in English and Romanian
Martie a venit, vremea s-a incalzit si martisoare am primit 🙂 Baietii de la munca s-au straduit sa faca un gest frumos, cu ocazia zilei de 1 martie, si le-a iesit. March is finally here, and I thought it was the time to post something nice. The guys at my work made my day today.

Am primit o multime de martisoare frumoase si multe, multe flori. Pentru cititorii care nu stiu limba romana si nu au auzit niciodata de martisor, am pregatit o descriere separata, special pentru ei, pe coloana alaturata. You see, in Romania, on the first day of march the boys give to the girls something called “martisor” (it does not have a correspondent in English – but it is something like “little march”). Martisor is a red and white string on which a small decoration is tied, like a lucky charm (that could be anything from flowers, or a leaf, to a little bear, bee, a girl’s smiling face or a cute bird), and it’s the symbol of a new beginning. You can see some of them in the pictures that I took. Also, the girls get flowers 🙂




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