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Si prin “la distanta” ma refer la faptul ca eu il admir pe motanelul asta negru de la fereastra (si ocazional il hranesc) in timp ce el imi face serenade atunci cand ii e dor de mine. Deocamdata, nu pot sa adopt o pisicuta; puteti citi de ce aici, dar cred ca nici motanelul hoinar nu prea ar agreea sa stea inchis intre 4 pereti. Nu este genul prea sociabil si inca nu l-am convins sa stea la mangaiat, prefera sa “tina coada sus” 🙂 And by “long distance” I mean that I admire this lovely black cat from the distance (and feed him occasionally) while he serenades me when he’s starting to miss me. I can’t adopt a new pet now; you can read here about my reasons, but I don’t think that this particular cat would like to stay indoors. He’s not the friendly type and I couldn’t convince him yet to get closer to me. But we’re getting there 🙂
Unlikely friends
Unlikely friends


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