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Imi e dor de soare, de mare si de zilele petrecute la plaja; dar momentan concediul este inca departe asa ca incerc sa incep saptamana binedispusa. Am ales o culoare vesela pentru unghiile mele: I miss the sun, the sea and the days spent at the beach; the vacation is still far, so I’m trying to distract myself. I chose this nail polish in order to start the week on a happy note.
Pastel nail polish
Pastel nail polish
Oja este de la Pastel, nuanta 78 🙂 Nu este un brand super popular, am incercat doar rujurile si cateva oje, dar ma declar pana acum complet multumita. It’s from a Turkish brand, Pastel (number 78). It’s not a super popular brand, I have tried some more nail polishes and a few lipsticks, but I’m actually pleased with them so fa



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