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In luna iulie am beneficiat de un voucher Sephora pentru o sedinta de pensat la Benefit Brow Bar. N-am ezitat si mi-am facut programare, in AFI Cotroceni. Clara, fata care s-a ocupat de sprancenele mele, a fost incredibil de draguta. A inceput prin a-mi explica exact ce urmeaza sa se intample si cum ar trebui sa arate sprancenele perfecte. Last month I received a voucher for a session at Sephora’s Benefit Brow Bar. I was curious, so I went ahead and made an appointment. Clara, the girl that took care of my eyebrows, was very nice. She started by explaining what’s the procedure and how the perfect brow should look.

Apoi a trecut la treaba; sa nu va speriati, pana la penseta, sprancelele se epileaza. Nu este deloc dureros, ceara este special tratata pentru asa ceva. Penseta este folosita doar pentru retusuri, la final. Se merge pe forma naturala a sprancenei, cea mai potrivita pentru fata. Desi nu este neaparata nevoie, pentru un efect spectaculos, Clara a folosit la final si pudra pentru sprancene de la Benefit. Rezultatul il vedeti in poza.

  • Sus: asa aratau sprancenele mele dupa ce am plecat de la Brow Bar
  • Jos: asa aratau sprancenele a doua zi.

O sa repet cu mare drag experienta de la Sephora. Pentru rezultate optime, este recomandata revenirea pentru intretinere la 2-3 saptamani, in functie de cat de repede cresc sprancenele.

First, she waxed my brows with a special wax, don’t worry, it does not hurt at all. She did pluck some hairs, but just at the end, to make sure the shape is perfect. The brows are waxed according to your natural shape, for the best results. Even if it’s not necessary, at the end, for a more professional effect, Clara used Benefit’s brow powder. You can see the result in the picture.

  • Up: this is how my brows looked after I left Sephora
  • Down: this is how my brows looked the second day.

I’ll definitely go back to the Benefit Brow Bar. For optimum results it’s recommended to wax every 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your brows grow.





    1. Poti sa incerci cu ceara / pudra / creion, ai nevoie doar de rabdare si indemanare. Eu nu reusesc deloc asa, simetria nu e punctul meu forte. De asta nu o sa imi iasa vreodata un cat eye perfect :))

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