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Vara asta vine si cu arome noi in colectia de parfumuri. Nu ma dau inapoi sa incerc parfumuri exclusiv barbatesti, mi se potrivesc foarte bine pe piele si dureaza mult mai mult. Momentan folosesc “Fleur du Male” de la Jean Paul Gaultier. This summer comes with new additions in my perfume collection. Sometimes I choose to use a men’s fragrance, they smell lovely on my skin and the smell lingers for a long time. My current perfume is “Fleur du Male” by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Review: Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

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Eu l-as defini mai degraba ca un parfum unisex, are o aroma puternic florala, dupa cum sugereaza si numele. Parfumul emana o aroma citrica, temperata insa de nuantele florale. Dupa ce am verificat lista ingredientelor, am observat si prezenta busuiocului, una dintre aromele mele preferate. Verdictul meu pentru acest parfum este acelasi ca in cazul preferatului meu, “Eau des Merveilles” de la Hermes: fie iti place la nebunie, fie il urasti.  I would define it as a unisex fragrance, it has a strong floral scent, as you can tell by the name. You can feel the citric notes, that go hand in hand with the floral ones. After I’ve checked the ingredients, I also noticed that basil is on the list, it’s one of my favorite smells. With this perfume you have no choice: you either love it, or hate it, just like another one of my favorites, “Eau des Merveilles” by Hermes.


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