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Am urmarit azi noapte inmarmurita, pana tarziu, desfasurarea tragicelor evenimente din clubul Colectiv. O lume intreaga stie acum despre ce e vorba, simt ca nu mai e nevoie sa intru in amanunte. Din pacate, oameni pe care ii cunosc bine, fosti colegi, au fost acolo, iar una dintre fostele mele colege este in stare destul de grava. Nici in cele mai urate vise nu imi pot imagina ce au simtit oamenii ramasi in club in acele momente de groaza. E doliu national pentru trei zile, se cauta raspunsuri si vinovati. Nimeni nu isi invata insa lectiile, prin cate astfel de momente mai trebuie sa trecem ca sa ne invatam minte? Tragediile se intampla, nu pot fi prevenite, vinovati vor exista intotdeauna, dar pagubele pot fi minimalizate. “Sa intelegem cum s-a intamplat si ce sa facem in viitor pentru a preveni aceste lucruri” zice Ponta … Eu ma intreb ce mai e de inteles? Last night I watched terrified how the tragic event from the Colective Club unfolded. The whole world now knows about this tragedy, I feel like there’s no need for details. Unfortunately, people I know, former colleagues were there. One of my former colleagues is struggling for her life. I can’t imagine, not even in my nightmares, what the people trapped in the burning club must have felt. The authorities declared 3 days of national mourning, they are looking for answers and people to blame. Still, nobody learns from the past, how many of these tragedies must we face to have a prompt reaction? Tragedies happen, nobody can prevent them, but the damages can be minimized.
We must understand what happened and what we can do in the future to prevent this” said Ponta, the PM. I ask myself: What’s there to comprehend?



De cate tragedii mai avem nevoie ca sa invatam? Numai in ultimii ani avem prea multe exemple: oameni care au murit cu zile din cauza incompetentei autoritatilor. Suntem 2 milioane de suflete in Bucuresti, poate si mai multe. 150 de raniti au blocat total sectiile de urgenta ale spitalelor dintr-o capitala Europeana. Numai 150 din 2 milioane si totul s-a blocat … Autoritatile nu au fost in stare sa salveze doua suflete din accidentul aviatic din Apuseni. Nu i-au salvat nici pe cei patru care au murit pe lacul Siutghiol. De cate lectii mai avem nevoie, ce tragedii mai asteapta autoritatile? De proportii Biblice? Ce este atat de greu de inteles? Avem nevoie de spitale, de infrastructura, de proceduri de interventie moderne si mai ales de oameni in posturile cheie care stiu ce fac.

Spre deosebire de autoritati, romanii s-au mobilizat exemplar. Oamenii simpli au dat dovada de solidaritate. Cei de la fata locului au ajutat cum au putut, multi au donat sange pentru victime. Aseara, la 3 ore de la tragedie, Oprea dadea ordine la televizor “Zi-le cum e cu codu’ asta rosu” si nu avea inca datele exacte despre victime. Primele liste de la spitale s-au centralizat pe Facebook, cu ajutorul oamenilor care au putut sa dea o mana de ajutor.

Despre filmul tragediei puteti citi aici sau aici. Tot ce imi doresc e ca numarul victimelor sa nu mai creasca. Probabil ca nu avem altceva de facut decat sa ne rugam la cele 18.300 Biserici … sa nu cumva sa trebuiasca sa ne tratam la cele numai 425 de spitale din Romania. In situatia asta, nici Dumnezeu nu are cum sa ne ajute.

How many tragic moments do we need to learn? We have too many examples from the past years: people that had a chance to live, died because the authorities don’t know how to react. We are 2 million souls in Bucharest, maybe even more. 150 injured blocked the whole ER system in an European capital. Only 150 out of 2 million and every ER section was overwhelmed. The authorities couldn’t save the two souls that died in the mountains after a plane crash. Four people died in a similar manner after a helicopter crashed on Siutghiol lake. How many more lessons do we need and of what proportions? Biblical? Is is so hard to comprehend that we need hospitals, infrastructure, modern intervention procedures and key people trained to act by the book.

Unlike the authorities, the romanians had a wonderful reaction out of solidarity. The ones that arrived first at the fire scene helped how they could. Others donated blood. Three hours after the tragedy and Oprea, the deputy PM, was giving orders on TV “Explain to them what’s this red code” but he didn’t have the latest numbers. The lists with the wounded patients were published on Facebook, with the help of the volunteers.

You can read here about the tragic event. All I hope is for the victim numbers to stop growing. There’s nothing left to do but pray in our 18.300 churches … to never need treatment in one of our only 425 hospitals. Given this situation, not even God can help us.





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