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Mi-am facut in sfarsit timp pentru inca un tag: The Versatile Blogger Award; abia asteptam sa raspund la intrebari, insa am avut o perioada destul de aglomerata. Sa incepem, pana nu apare inca ceva urgent de rezolvat 🙂 I finally took some time for a new tag: The Versatile Blogger Award; I wanted so bad to answer the questions, but I’ve been so busy lately. Let’s start, while I still have time 🙂


  • Multumeşte-i persoanei care ţi-a spus de tag si include un link spre blogul ei.
    Mulţumesc, Hadasa!
  • Alegeti 15 bloggeriţe pe care le urmăriţi constant sau pe care le-aţi descoperit recent si anuntati-le ca au fost nominalizate.
    Nu promit 15 nume, in schimb, va propun sa preluati tag-ul daca va place si sa ma anuntati cand publicati raspunsurile. Eu de multe ori am ezitat sa raspund intrebarilor dintr-un tag daca nu am fost nominalizata 🙂


1. Sunt Varsator.
2. Orasele mele preferate sunt Madrid si Florenta.
3. Vorbesc fluent engleza si spaniola.
4. Sunt fan fotbal 🙂 tin cu Steaua si Real Madrid.
5. Am vizitat pana acum 16 tari si nu vreau sa ma opresc aici.
6. Placerile mele vinovate: frisca, Nutella … imi plac exagerat de mult dulciurile.
7. Intotdeauna am la mine o carte, chiar daca acest lucru imi ingreuneaza destul de mult geanta. Din pacate nu toate cartile sunt disponibile in format electronic.
Sper sa raspundeti provocarii!
  • Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to her blog.
    Thanks, Hadasa!
  • Pick 15 bloggers you constantly watch or you recently discovered and let them know they have been tagged.
    I can’t promise 15 names, but instead, I want to challenge all of you, just let me know when you publish the answers. I’ve hesitated many times to answer a tag without being challenged first 🙂


1. I’m an Aquarius.
2. My favorite cities are Madrid and Florence.
3. I speak fluent English and Spanish.
4. I’m a football fan 🙂 I support Steaua and Real Madrid.
5. I’ve visited 16 countries and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.
6. My guilty pleasures: whipped cream and Nutella … I have a passion for sweets.
7. I always carry a book, even if my bag weighs more. Unfortunately not all of the books are available in an electronic format.
I hope you’ll accept the challenge.

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