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Atractia principala din Viena, palatul Schonbrunn, a fost prima destinatie de pe lista noastra. Chiar daca vara gradinile transforma aceasta locatie intru-un paradis, privelistea este spectaculoasa si pe timp de iarna. Faimosul galben de Schonbrunn iti da impresia ca un soare cald de vara isi revarsa razele pe fatada caldirii. Tot aici puteti vizita cea mai veche gradina zoologica din lume. Nu am avut timp sa vizitam toate muzeele, asa ca am facut o selectie: Albertina si muzeul Leopold nu ne-au dezamagit. Daca vreti sa shimbati registrul, sa treceti si pe la Muzeul de istorie naturala. Alte optiuni sunt: resedinta lui Mozart, celebra cladire a primariei sau parlamentul. Sa nu ratati nici Catedrala Sfantul Stefan, e usor de gasit si locatia e accesibila, chiar in centrul orasului. Cam asa ar trebui sa arate un tur rapid, din punctul meu de vedere. Vienna‘s main attraction, the Schonbrunn Palace was the first destination on our list. In the summer, the gardens transform the surroundings in a paradise, but the view was spectacular even during the winter. The famous “Schonbrunn yellow” made it seem like there’s no winter at all, just a warm spring. Also, here at Schonbrunn, you can visit the world‘s oldest public zoo.We never got to visit all the museums.  We had time to see Albertina, – the museum of classical graphic arts, and what a good choice that was! We remained captured by the arts and proceeded to Leopold Museum, for a round of modern art. For a change of theme, do not miss the Museum of natural history. It’’s worth visiting! We also toured Mozart’’s residence, took a walk by the Rathaus (city hall), and walked by the Austrian Parliament Building. While in Vienna, don’’t miss St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the gothic church that can be found in the center of the town. That concluded out fast – tour of the city. 

Desigur ca dupa ce am alergat in frig de la un muzeu la altul, m-am ales si cu o raceala de toata frumusetea. Aproape de miezul noptii eu stateam in pat cu febra. Mie nu imi place sa zac nici acasa, asa ca am decis ca vom petrece totusi revelionul pe strazile din Viena. Bine ca a existat Punsch-ul cald; altfel as fi inghetat in timp ce priveam artificiile. Daca alegeti sa iesiti pe strada de Revelion sa aveti mare grija. Unul dintre baietii din grupul meu a fost lovit in cap cu o sticla de sampanie aruncata la intamplare. Am evitat o tragedie pentru ca purta si fes si gluga.

Prima zi a anului in Viena nu e deloc plictisitoare, orasul era viu si abia ne astepta sa iesim la o plimbare. Am vizitat parcul Prater, unde din pacate singura atractie functionala era roata uriasa. Am urcat pentru o tura si am observat ca unele cabine erau decorate festiv. O cina de revelion petrecuta la inaltime in Viena nu suna deloc rau. Am vazut si o sera spectaculoasa in Burggarten. Acolo se afla Casa Fluturilor, care insa era inchisa, asa ca am tras cu ochiul din afara.

Nu puteau lipsi nici aventurile la hotel. Pentru ca am tot colindat prin oras, nu am apucat sa petrecem prea mult timp in camera. In prima zi a anului ne-am retras mai devreme si dupa ceva timp am observat ca in camera temperatura nu creste deloc. Dupa ce am verificat, am descoperit ca avem o crapatura uriasa in tocul ferestrei. Am cerut ajutor la receptie dar mesterii nu lucrau in prima zi a anului. Singura solutie era sa schimbam camera. Am verificat si la alt etaj si … fereastra avea aceeasi problema. Era clar o problema generalizata. Cei de la hotel si-au cerut scuze si ne-au adus cateva paturi in plus 🙂 Ei bine noi le-am pus in … geam, spre surprinderea lor. De atunci incolo nu am mai suferit de frig!

Viena e orasul muzicii, dar si al viselor. Freud a petrecut ceva timp aici. Daca ajungeti in capitala Austriei, sa nu va abtineti de la mancarea senzationala. Cand ma gandesc la Wienerschnitzel aproape ca ii simt gustul. Va recomand sa luati cina in Greenzig, un cartier cu multe restaurante dragute si muzica buna, iar la desert sa comandati celebrul strudel de mere. Daca vreti sa incercati ceva special, dati o fuga la hotelul Sacher, unde servesc celebrul Sachertorte. Pentru o gustare rapida exista Wurstelstands, chiar pe strada; de aici cel mai mult mi-au placut carnatii umpluti cu cascaval.

Daca vreti sa va energizati rapid, sunt cafenele la fiecare pas. Si sa nu uitati sa treceti si pe la pietele de Craciun, le gasiti in toate punctele principale din oras. Cea mai aglomerata este la primarie (Rathaus), dar mie cel mai mult mi-a placut la Spittelberg.

In drumul spre muzee, puteti sa va opriti la Maria-Theresien-Platz. Iar la palatul Schonbrunn sau la palatul Belvedere o sa gasiti mereu o atmosfera festiva. Daca vreti sa fiti impresionati, va puteti cumpara bilete la concertul sustinut seara pe 31 Decembrie si pe 1 Ianuarie de Vienna Hofburg Orchestra.

Puteti vedea aici prima postare despre Viena.

Of course, the combination of touring the attractions and the absolute cold got to me, and there I was close to the New Year Party lying on the bed in the hotel, with a bad cold and high fever. I’m not the one to just lay sick in a bed, so I’’ve decided that we should spend New Years on the streets of the city. Thank god for the warm Punsch or otherwise I would have frozen in the middle of the fireworks. By the way, be warned before heading out on the streets. – One of the guys from my group was hit right in the head by an empty bottle. Thank God he had a hat on, otherwise, a tragedy could have happened.

The first day of the year in Vienna is not close to being boring. The city was very much alive and waiting for us to go for a walk. We visited the Prater Park, where the only functional attraction was the huge Ferris wheel. We went on and had a ride and noticed how beautifully some cabins were decorated as if somebody had a New Year dinner there. What a spectacular view would that be! We’’ve also seen a spectacular greenhouse in the Burggarten, part of the Hofburg complex. It’s advertised as “Vienna’s Historical Butterfly Greenhouse”. But since it was closed we never go to visit. It looked impressive!

We also had adventures at our hotel. We never really spent a lot of time in the room, but we decided that the first day of the year should be shorter. We returned to the hotel room and it was … really cold. Not at the freezing point but still, really chilly. We checked everything only to find this huge crack in the window. We went to the reception for help, but of course, the handyman had the day off. The receptionist tried to fix the problem, but with no luck, so we went to visit another room and surprise, the same problem was there. The hotel staff apologized and we received extra blankets 🙂 Imagine the look on the guy that brought us the blankets when we said: ““we’’ll put them in the window”.” He was not expecting this, – but we did our thing and never felt cold again!

You should know that Vienna is regarded as the City of music, but also, as the city of dreams, since Freud spend some time there.While in Vienna … treat yourself with amazing food. On the top of my head, I can think of the Wienerschnitzel, and almost fell the taste. Try having a dinner in Greenzig, a cool Viennese neighborhood with amazing restaurants. We had a lovely dinner there and we were entertained with some wonderful music. For desert don’t hesitate and go for an Apfelstrudel, or visit the Sacher hotel for a taste of the world-famous Sachertorte. While on the streets, for a quick meal, treat yourself with the delicious sausages, you can even find them filled with cheese, at Wurstelstands. And if you need a quick pick me up, go for a delicious coffee in the Viennese cafes. You can find them on every street, in every form! Don’t miss the Christmas Markets. There’s one almost on every corner. The busiest one is at the town hall (Rathaus). The most lovely was in Spittelberg.
On the way to Museums Quartier, you can stop at Maria-Theresien-Platz. There’s always a festive atmosphere in front of the Schonbrunn palace, or in front of the Belvedere palace. If you want to splurge, go and see the famous Vienna Hofburg Orchestra performing in the Hofburg’s festival halls. This happens each year on the evenings of December 31 and on January 1.

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  1. Am fost la Viena asta vara si m-am indragostit de ea. Cred ca de Craciun si Revelion e si mai tare.
    Buna asta! Revelion cu patura-n geam la Viena :)) Suna a film…
    Si eu tot cu carnatii umpluti cu cascaval m-am inteles foarte bine 🙂

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