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Review: Wish by Chopard

Saptamana aceasta colectia mea de parfumuri s-a imbogatit. Am gasit o oferta buna, nu am rezistat tentatiei si acum sunt in posesia unui mic “diamant”: Chopard – Wish. My perfume collection just got bigger starting with this week. I found a great deal online, couldn’t resist the temptation and now I own a “diamond”: Chopard – Wish.

Parfumul l-am incercat acum ceva timp, ma batea gandul sa il cumpar dar sincera sa fiu nu mi-a placut cum miroase imediat dupa aplicare, asa ca am ales altceva la vremea aceea. Apoi am incercat o mostra; atunci mi-am dat seama ca dupa cateva minute Wish incepe sa emane un miros special. Asa a ajuns pe lista mea de dorinte. Desi e un parfum mai dulce si destul de diferit de ceea ce aleg eu in mod obisnuit, Wish nu e foarte agresiv cu simturile olfactive, daca e aplicat cu discretie 🙂 Eu simt cel mai bine aromele de caramel si de vanilie dar si iasomia. Atentie totusi in preajma cui il purtati, unele persoane nu suporta deloc parfumurile ceva mai dulci. I wanted to purchase this perfume a long time ago, but when I tried it I didn’t really like the smell straight out of the bottle. I did keep a sample and I tried it on. It was only then when I realized that after a few minutes, Wish really has a special scent. It had a place on my wish list ever since. Even if it’s sweeter, and a bit different from what I would usually choose, Wish is not an aggressive fragrance, as long as you apply it with care 🙂 My nose feels straight away the caramel, vanilla and jasmine notes. Watch out though when you wear it, some people don’t like at all sweeter scents.


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