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E clar! Am dat in mintea copiilor. De curand am redescoperit o placere uitata demult si anume … cartile de colorat. Nu am mai pus mana pe una de cand eram mica. Pe atunci, acesta era unul dintre lucrurile care imi faceau mare placere. Asadar, cand am pus ochii pe o carte de colorat pentru adulti nu am ezitat si am luat-o acasa cu mine. It’s so good to be a child again! This was my first thought after I’ve rediscovered a long forgotten pleasure … coloring books. I haven’t touched one in years since I was a kid. Back then it was one of my hobbies. As it turns out, I didn’t hesitate when I saw this coloring book for adults; I’ve picked one right up.

Specialistii spun ca un astfel de hobby face minuni pentru adulti. Este relaxant si dezvolta creativitatea. Desi abia am inceput, trebuie sa recunosc ca asa e, dupa primele floricele colorate am ajuns din nou intr-o lume demult uitata. Promit sa va tin la curent cu “operele mele de arta” pe Twitter si Instagram. Tot ce pot sa spun pana acum e ca ma bucur ca am redescoperit cartile de colorat. Studies show that coloring sessions make wonders for adults. It’s a relaxing activity and as a bonus, your creativity also increases. I’ve barely started to color, but I must admit it that it felt refreshing. I was instantly transported into a long forgotten world. I’ll keep you up to date with my creations, on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. All I can say now is that I’m so happy I’ve rediscovered coloring books.


5 thoughts on “COLORFUL HOBBY”

  1. I got coloring books for myself, my mom, and my sister last Christmas. It definitely can be very relaxing! My fingers get tired so much more easily than they did when I was a child, though. 🙂

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