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Urasc momentele in care creierul o ia pur si simplu la goana si incepe sa proceseze informatii pe care le credeam demult uitate sau rezolvate. Ma gandeam cat de multe lucruri se pot schimba intr-un an de zile de exemplu. Daca acum multi ani cineva mi-ar fi descris in cateva cuvinte cat de multe lucruri se vor schimba, nu l-as fi crezut niciodata. De la un moment simplu, in care ma gadeam ce sa postez pe blog, am ajuns sa ma gandesc la lucrurile pe care nu le voi mai face … cel mai probabil niciodata, din cauza lucurilor care s-au schimbat in ultima vreme:

  • nu voi mai petrece sarbatorile impreuna cu ambii mei parinti
  • nu vom mai impodobi bradul impreuna
  • nu vom mai merge impreuna la tara, la gatar
  • nu vom mai depana amintiri si nu ne vom mai contrazice in legatura cu cine are memorie de elefant
  • nu vom mai vedea filme impeuna in diminetile de weekend, dupa micul dejun
  • nu vom mai manca impreuna bunatatile facute de mama
  • nu ne vom mai uita impreuna la meciuri sau la competitiile sportive
  • si probabil lucrul care ma doare cel mai tare … nu vom mai fi o FAMILIE

Sper sa imi gasesc timp cat de curand sa va scriu povestea mea si sa adaug si o rubrica noua pe blog.

I hate these moments when my brain starts to process information that I thought it’s forgotten or taken care of. I was just thinking about how many things can change in just one year for example. If years ago someone told me how different my life would be now I never would have believed. From my initial thought: what’s gonna be my next blog post, I ended up thinking about things I’ll never do again … just because things have changed so much lately:

  • I’ll never spend my holidays with my parents
  • we won’t decorate our Christmas tree together
  • we won’t return to the countryside for summer grills
  • we won’t share memories and talk about who has the best memory
  • we won’t see movies together on the weekends after we’ve had breakfast
  • we won’t eat together mom’s special dinners
  • we won’t watch football or other sports competitions together
  • and the thing that hurts me most: we won’t be a FAMILY anymore

I hope to find soon some time to share my story and also add a new topic on the blog.




5 thoughts on “THINGS I’LL NEVER DO AGAIN”

    1. No, I actually never have written about this because well … it’s kinda sad. And it’s because my parents went through a grey divorce. Even iven if I have ny own life and issues it’s not something that was easy to go though

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