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Chiar acum se joaca “El Clasico” de Romania, Steaua – Dinamo. Nu am putut ajunge de data asta, dar am incercat sa imi aduc aminte de cate ori am vazut meciul pe stadion. Asa ca m-am pus pe numarat. Ma ajuta si colectia mea de bilete… Today I’m watching the Romanian version of the famous football game: “El Clasico”: Steaua – Dinamo. I tried to remember how many times I have seen this match from the stands and I started to count the tickets. That’s right … I collect them.

Daca e sa ne luam dupa numarul de bilete, am fost de 15 ori la cel mai important meci de fotbal din Romania. Numarul e insa aproximativ, pentru ca nu am pastrat chiar toate biletele. In afara de cele de la derby de Romania, biletele de la cateva meciuri ale nationalei inseamna foarte mult pentru mine … sunt incarcate de amintiri.

Mai mult sau mai putin frumoase. La capitolul amintiri mai putin fercite sta celebrul Romania – Slovenia. In ultimii ani nu am ratat cele mai importante meciuri ale Stelei, dar nici finala Europa League de la Bucuresti. Cele mai speciale sunt insa biletele de la meciurile Realului. I-am vazut si pe Bernabeu, si in Ghencea si pe Vicente Calderon. In afara de adevaratul El Clasico, Real – Barca, cel mai frumos sentiment l-am trait la o semifinala de Champions League, Real Madrid – Boussia Dortmund (chiar daca in acel an Realul nu a ajuns in finala). Emotiile raman asadar si peste ani, indiferent de rezultatul din teren.

I have counted 15 tickets, but the number is slightly bigger because I haven’t kept all the tickets. My collection holds other valuable items, some from the games played by the Romanian national team.

One of the less happy matches was against Slovenia (back then we didn’t qualify for the World Cup). In the last few years, I saw the most important games played by Steaua, and also the Europa League final from Bucharest. My prized collection also holds Real Madrid tickets. I watched them play in Ghencea, on the Bernabeu and on Vicente Calderon. Besides the two times that I was in the stands at Real – Barca, I also remember a Champions League semi-final, against Borussia Dortmund. We did not qualify then, but the years still haven’t erased all those emotions, even if the result was not the one I expected.



  1. I just started getting interested in football as a side effect of watching my local Spanish channel in an attempt to get used to hearing spoken Spanish. It really is a fun sport to watch: I’m glad it’s becoming more popular in the US.

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