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Abia am trecut de jumatatea lunii aprilie, dar deja am fost loviti de valul de caldura. Pazea, cred ca la vara trecem la nivelul urmator: o sa ne prajim incet-incet la rotisor in Bucuresti. Dar nu sunt aici sa ma plang. Serios! Chiar daca blogul se numeste “In Orasul Trist” eu raman optimista si zambitoare. Orasul e singurul trist din povestea asta. Asadar … sa fugim din oras, pentru o clipa. La finalul celei mai calduroase zile de pana acum in 2016, va fac pofta de o tura la mare cu pozele astea: It’s only mid-April but the heat wave is already here. Watch out! In the summer we’ll reach the next level: oven temperatures in Bucharest. But I’m not complaining. Honestly! Even if my blog’s name is “In the Sad Town”, I’m very much optimistic and cheerful. The city is the only sad character in this story. So … let’s take a trip outside the city, for just a moment.

Asa arata azi Marea Neagra. Frumoasa, imbietoare si incredibil de … albastra. Temperatura era numai buna de plaja. Dar acesta a fost doar preludiul. Eu una abia astept sa vina vara si sa ma intalnesc din nou cu marea. Today we faced the warmest day in 2016. Here’s how the Black Sea looked: beautiful, inviting and very, very … blue. The weather was just right for a beach trip. But this was only the prelude. Summer can’t come any faster.


13 thoughts on “NOW YOU SEA ME”

  1. Thanks for your Like of Black Sea Pilgrim. Your photos bring back favorite memories of our six weeks in Romania. My swim (banner photo) in the Black Sea at Constanta was 5 April. The 8°C water still takes my breath away. Cheers.

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