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Am trait-o si pe asta! Cei de la Maroon 5 au concertat in sfarsit in Bucuresti. Eu ii stiam de pe vremea cand nici macar nu se numeau Maroon 5 ci … Kara’s Flowers. Daca suneti curiosi, cautati Soap Disco pe You Tube. Apoi baietii s-au rebranduit si au lansat albumul care i-a facut celebri: Songs about Jane. Acum serios … daca nici eu nu sunt fanul lor, atunci cine mai e ?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally got to live this! Maron 5 performed in Bucharest this month. I knew them since they were named Kara’s Flowers. If you are curious, search for Soap Disco on YouTube. Then, the guys rebranded and launched the album that made them famous: Songs about Jane. Really now … if I’m not a fan then who is ?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Am avut inclusiv o tentativa sa ii vad intr-un concert la Roma, acum ceva timp, dar mai bine ca n-am ajuns, cantarea a fost anulata in ultimul moment. Am asteptat cuminte si uite ca au venit baietii la Bucuresti. Pentru ca ii ascult demult, de pe vremea cand nu ii stia mai nimeni, eu am ramas cu ideea asta de fomatie oarecum necunoscuta, fara prea multi fani pe care o ascult eu cand vreau sa aud ceva diferit. Am ramas surprinsa sa vad cati oameni au venit sa ii vada la Bucuresti. Ce pot sa zic, inseamna ca am inspiatie cand vine vorba de formatiile pe care le ascult ๐Ÿ™‚

Concertul lor a fost scurt si intens, au cantat intr-adevar pe banda rulanta, fara pauze prea mari. Mie Adam nu mi s-a parut apatic cum au zis unii (a topait toata seara pe scena) iar sunetul a fost mai mult decat ok (dar am stat in primele randuri, nu am idee ce a fost in spate). La capitolul interactiune cu publicul Adam a fost ceva mai rece, dar eu stiam foarte bine ce ne asteapta, cam asa arata toate concertele lor. Omul a salutat, s-a aratat mega incantat de ce a vazut de pe scena si de cum am cantat cu totii alaturi de el. Pana la urma a venit sa ne cante nu sa stea la o vorba cu noi. Si playlistul a fost ok, am fost fericita sa aud si melodii de pe albumul meu preferat, Songs about Jane. All over a fost o experienta super, care a dovedit inca odata ce public misto e la Bucuresti.

I also tried to see them in a concert outside Romania and I was close to getting to Rome some years ago. Luckily, I never bought the tickets; they canceled the show in the last moment. I waited patiently and they came to me, in Bucharest. Because I’m a longtime fan, ever since almost nobody knew them, I had this idea they are still a band with a lower fan count, that only I’m listening to. I was truly surprised to see how many people came to see them in Bucharest. What can I say? It means I have good taste in music ๐Ÿ™‚

The concert was short but intense, they took little breaks. Adam was not apathetic at all like some say (he kept jumping around) and the sound was even better (I was in the first rows, I have no idea how it sounded in the back). Adam was a bit cold with his audience, but I knew it’s his way, that’s how all of his performances are.  The man said hello, he was excited about what he saw from the stage and he liked how we sang with the band. After all, he came here to sing, not to talk to us. The playlist was also ok, I was happy to hear songs from my favorite album: Songs about Jane. All over, it was a great experience, that showed me once again what a cool audience we have here, in Bucharest.




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