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Pentru mine, vara e un moment tocmai bun pentru citit; fie in concediu pe plaja, sau acasa, in pat, la finalul unei zi de munca. E o activitate tare relaxanta, care pentru multi din pacate e pe cale de disparitie. Ma gandeam de curad care ar fi cartile pe care le-as reciti oracand. Iata ce a iesit: Summer is the perfect time to stat reading. On vacation, on the beach or at home, after a long day of work … it’s the most relaxing activity. I was thinking recently about the books that I would read again, with the same pleasure. Here’s the short list:

  1. Adam si Eva, de Liviu Rebreanu. Nu este cea mai populara carte a sa, insa pentru mine este cea mai frumoasa. O poveste de dragoste care transcende timpul, inspirata din teoria reincarnarii.
  2. Rosu si Negru, de Stendhal. Romanul ne prezinta povestea unui tanar cu origini modeste, insa inzestat cu o inteligenta aparte, care isi croieste drum in lumea buna din Franta secolului al XIX-lea.
  3. Cantec de Gheata si Foc, de George R.R. Martin. Celebra serie m-a prins inainte sa fie ecranizata de HBO si astept cu neabdare aparitia noilor volume. Fie intre noi, pana atunci compensez cu noile episoade aparute in acest an, dar sper in secret ca actiunea din carti (diferita pe alocuri fata de serial) sa nu devieze si in carte. Nu cred ca mai e nevoie de vreo prezentare pentru aceste carti pe care o sa le recomand si celor care s-au indragostit de serial. Daca veti avea curiozitatea sa le cititi, veti descoperi multe legaturi ascunse intre personaje si cate si mai cate detalii interesante.

Pe lista voastra ce carti at prinde topul celor mai bune pana acum?

  1. Adam and Eve, by Liviu Rebreanu, a Romanian author. Not his most popular book, but the most important for me. It’s a beautiful love story that transcends time and is inspired by the reincarnation theory.
  2. The Red and the Black, by Stendhal. The book tells us the story of a young boy of modest origins, gifted with a brilliant intelligence that allows him to become a person of rank in France, during the XIX Century.
  3. A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin. The famous book series caught my eye before it became a popular TV show, and I can hardly wait for the new books. Until then, I’m watching the new episodes that came out this year. I secretly hope that the books plot-line (a bit different in some cases compared to the TV show) will remain consistent. If you are a fan of the popular Game of Thrones TV show, don’t hesitate to read the books; you’ll discover new stories and secret ties between popular characters.

What are your favorite books?

7 thoughts on “FOREVER ON MY SHELF”

  1. My favorite book, and the only one that I plan on re-reading this summer, is the Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence. It’s not that I don’t want to read other books, but the Seven Pillars of Wisdom is so well written that it might take me all summer to finish, because it is something to be savored: like the most exquisite of wines.

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  2. Pe primul loc in topul meu este seria :Luminile Nordului de Philip Pullman, ecanizarea e groaznica dar cartile merita tot timpul din lume .
    Pe locul doi :Enigma Otiliei
    de George Călinescu
    Pe locul trei, seria Maximum Ride de James Patterson.

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