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Acum ca a venit frigul, imi e din ce in ce mai greu sa fac miscare. In primul rand imi e pra frig (si lene) sa mai ies din casa odata ce am ajuns la caldura.

Am gasit insa o solutie care sa ma motiveze in zilele acelea in care am chef de miscare: Squash-ul!

Now that the cold weather is here, I find it more and more difficult to get out and move. I’m too cold (and lazy) to get out of the house once I’m warm and cozy.

But I did manage to find a solution for the days when I find the motivation to stretch my bones: Squash!

E solicitant, iti pune si mintea la miscare (sa anticipezi urmatoarea micare ca sa fii cu un pas inaintea adversarului) si poti ajusta viteza de joc in functie de nivelul partenerului. Squash e de fapt o versiune mai fancy a celebrului joc din copilaria noastra: tenis la perete.

Si nu, nu trebuie sa stii tenis ca sa iti faci curaj sa intri pe terenul de squash. Eu nu sunt deloc talentata pe terenul de tenis de camp, insa o partida de squash e binevenita mereu, ma relaxeaza si intotdeauna plec de la teren binedispusa.

Sunt mai multe terenuri de Squash in Bucuresti, dar mie cel mai indemana imi e cel de la Sema Parc (metrou Semanatoarea), mai ales ca imi pot face programari online. O vreme a fost locatia perfecta, pentru ca era foarte aproape de biroul meu. Acum, ca am schimbat serviciul ajung mai greu, dar promit ca o sa imi fac timp sa trec mai des pe acolo.

It’s engaging, you also have to think (anticipate the next move so you can be one step ahead of your opponent) and you can adjust the rhythm based on your opponent’s skills.

And no, you don’t have to know how to play tennis in order to be good at squash. I’m not talented at all when it comes to tennis, but a squash game is always welcomed, it relaxes me and I always leave the court in a good mood.

There are multiple options in Bucharest, but the closest one for me is at Sema Parc (Semanatoarea subway station), and I can schedule the games online. It was the perfect location some time ago because it was really close to my office. Now I’ve changed my workplace and I don’t find the time as often as before. Still, I try to make time and play a game as often as I can.

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