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Daca ar fi sa am un motto in Urzeala Tronurilor, as adapta zicala familiei Stark: “Vine iarna!”. Mie nu imi place iarna, prefer sa raman copilul verii.

Tocmai de asta sunt convinsa ca marea nu e facuta sa fie vazuta doar vara, o poti admira chiar si intr-o zi de noiembrie. Acum arata parca si mai frumoasa, cu malurile ei pustii si linistite, dar infuriata de vantul care bate inspre tarm. Trag aer adanc in piept si aproape ca simt sarat pe varful limbii. Stau aici, ma linistesc pret de cateva clipe … apoi plec mai departe, cu gandurile mele. Parca “galagia” din mintea mea se reduce de fiecare data cand ajung la mare. Nu pot sa stau prea mult … e prea rece cu mine acum, dar nu o las singura, pescarusii vor fi alaturi de ea, indiferent de anotimp. Stie si marea, la fel de bine ca mine, ca intr-un final … vine vara!

If I were to have a motto in Game of Thrones, I’d adapt the famous Stark words: “Winter is coming”. I don’t like winter, I’d rather be a summer child.

It’s the reason why I’m convinced that the sea is not made to be seen only during the summer time, it can be admired even on a November day. She’s even more beautiful, with empty and quiet shores, but infuriated by the wind beating toward the seaside. I take a deep breath and I can almost taste the salt on my tongue. I stay here, in a tranquil state for a few moments … then I move on, with my thoughts. It’s funny how the “noise” in my head dims every time I stand here. I can’t stay for long … she’s cold with me now, but I’m not leaving her alone, the seagulls are always here, no matter the season. The sea knows as well as I do that in the end … summer is coming!

3 thoughts on “SUMMER WILL COME … SOMEDAY”

  1. Nice blog – I love these pictures of the beach in wintertime, this is also my favourite time of year to visit the sea. I am also guessing you are a fan of Radiohead and Robbie Williams…?

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