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 Ma intorc la tine iar si iar … Madrid drag. Capitala Spaniei e singurul oras dintre cele multe pe care le-am vizitat care m-a convins sa ma intorc mereu si mereu. Glumind putin, as putea spune ca e ca o a doua casa. De data aceasta scopul vizitei a fost unul special; meciul din Champions League dintre Real Madrid si Borussia Dortmund. S-a terminat 2-2 si Realul a terminat abia a doua grupa ei, dar nu e motiv de suparare, a fost spectacol atat pe teren cat si in tribuna. Pentru prima data la Madrid am luat parte la coregrafia organizata de suporteri. Sa va mai spun ca deja imi e dor de Madrid? Cam asa s-au vazut din tribuna incalzirea jucatorilor, coregrafia Realului si bucura baietilor in alb dupa cele doua goluri. I come back to Madrid again and again. The Spanish capital is the only city from the many I’ve visited that “tricked” me into coming back. I could almost say it’s my second home. This time, I had a specific purpose: the Champions League game between Real and Borussia Dortmund. The final score was 2-2 and Real Madrid finished second, but it was no reason to be upset, the match was spectacular on the field and in the stands. For the first time ever, I was part of the Real Madrid choreography. Need I mention that I ‘m already missing Madrid? This is how I’ve seen from the stands the player’s pre-match training session, the choreography and the joy after the home team’s goals.

Ne-am facut incalzirea pentru meci tot la stadion. Turul celebrei arene pe care joaca Realul e cu adevarat spectaculos. Intri in atmosfera clubului dupa primii pasi: trofeele, tricourile si ghetele donate de jucatori sunt expuse in toata splendoarea lor. Proiectiile video sunt insa cele cu adevarat spectaculoase. Doar intrarea in vestiar a fost interzisa de data asta, pentru ca eram in zi de meci. Nu face insa nimic, pentru mine cred ca a fost al treilea tur al Bernabeului. Apropo, acesta devine din ce in ce mai interesant si mai SF cu fiecare an. Ma intreb deja ce surprize mai pregatesc pe viitor. Iar despre vitrina cu trofee ce pot spune? Cuvintele sunt in plus … unde in alta parte mai poti vedea 11 trofee Champions League unul langa altul? Before the game we took the Santiago Bernabeu tour, and trust me, it’s spectacular. After the first steps, you feel like you’re a part of this great club: the trophies, shirts and football boots that belonged to the players, are displayed for everyone to see. The video projections are truly spectacular. We couldn’t see the changing rooms this time because we were visiting during a match day. But it’s ok, given the fact that it was my 3-rd tour of the Bernabeu. And let me tell you, it’s more and more spectacular by the year. I’m already wondering what’s next. And what can I say about the trophies? Words are not enough, after all, where else can you admire 11 Champions League trophies in one place?
Vizita a fost una fulger de data asta, cu un plan bine pus la punct. Nu am mai avut timp de muzee sau de alte obiective interesante. In acelasi timp, dupa 10 vizite la Madrid cred ca nici nu mai e nevoie sa le revizitez. In afara de meciurile de fotbal, la Madrid imi place sa ma pierd pe stradute pe care nu am mai ajuns pana acum, sa interactionez cu oamenii si ma comport fix ca un localnic. Intr-un fel asa ma si simt 🙂 Am apucat insa sa vad in treacat si luminitele din oras. Madridul e deja pregatit pentu sarbatorile de iarna si asteapta si alti turisi sa se plimbe pe stradutele care in aceasta luna arata ca un adevarat furnicar. Singura problema pe care o am cu Madridul este … mancarea absolut delicioasa pe care o gasesti la orice pas. Noroc ca am mers mult si am dat jos multe din caloriile adunate aici. Promit pe viitor sa vin cu un post detaliat despre minunile Madridului si cele mai frumoase locuri de acolo.

Hasta la proxima!

It was a quick visit, with a very well-defined plan in mind. We never had time to visit museums or other touristic objectives. But after my 10-th visit in Madrid, I know them by heart. Besides seeing Real Marid play, when I’m in Madrid I also like to wonder the streets, to interact with the locals and see as many new places as possible. In a way, I feel like I belong here 🙂 As a bonus, I got to see the Christmas lights. Madrid is already “dressed” for the winter holidays and is awaiting tourists to admire its beauty. The city was crowded but I have a feeling the tourist number will increase even more during the next weeks. My only issue when I visit Madrid is the absolutely delicious food that you can find everywhere. I was lucky this time, I walked off the calories. I promise to write as soon as a can a detailed post about the wonderful Madrid and its treasures.

Hasta la proxima!


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