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Nu am fost niciodata fanul rezolutiilor de inceput de an: “Sa mananc mai sanatos”, “sa beau mai multa apa”, “sa fac sport” … stiti voi. Le prefer pe cele pe termen lung pe care de altfel le am scrise pe o lista pe care din cand in cand o si citesc, asa, ca sa imi reamintesc ce e important in viata. Cine stie, poate candva o sa o public si pe blog. Dar sa revenim la prima saptamana din ianuarie 2017, ca sa explic pe larg de ca nu imi plac rezolutiile de final sau de inceput de an, cum va place voua sa le ziceti.  Sa incepem cu cea mai dureroasa pentru mine: sa mananc mai putine dulciuri:

1 ianuarie: “Hmm deja ma simt mai sanatoasa!”

2 ianuarie: “Pfff e simplu; de ce nu m-am apucat mai devreme?”

3 ianuarie: Merg in vizita la soacra mea (care stie ca sunt mega super fan prajituri). Ma astepta cu doua tortui delicioase. Am mancat doua felii pe loc, plus una acasa dupa vreo 2 ore. Minunea n-a tinut nici 3 zile.

Hai sa incercam alta rezolutie: sa beau mai putin alcool. A nu se intelege ca de obicei beau pana cad sub masa, dar uneori depasesc limita de un pahar pe zi.

I’ve never been a fan of the new year resolutions: “Eat healthy”, “drink more water”, “exercise more” … you know. I prefer the long-term plans that I have written on a list which I read from time to time, to remind myself what’s important in life. Maybe I’ll share it with you someday on my blog. But let’s get back to the first week of 2017, so I can explain why I don’t do final year or new year resolutions, whatever you like to call them. Let’s start with the most painful subject for me: eat fewer sweets:

1st January: “Hmm, I already feel healthier”

2nd January: “Pfff, it’s easy, how come I didn’t do this sooner”

3rd January: We visited my mother in law (she knows I’m the biggest sweets fan ever). She was waiting for me with two delicious cakes. I’ve eaten two pieces in no time, and a third one later at home, a couple of hours later. The miracle didn’t even last for 3 days.

Let’s try another resolution: drink less alcohol. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink my mind every day, but sometimes I exceed the one glass a day limit.



1 ianuarie: “Am exagerat de revelion, azi beau doar apa.”

*dupa o zi intreaga in care am baut suc*

“Hai ca nu e asa de rau!”

2 ianuarie: “Hmmm lenevim si azi. Ce sa facem? Hai sa jucam un rummy.”

*O ora mai tarziu*

“Amesteca tu pietrele, ma duc sa imi pun un pahar de bere.”

Pana seara, am baut singura aproape 1 l. Asta a fost un fail si mai mare.

Imi e si rusine sa mentionez rezolutia cu “sa beau mai mult apa” de asta am fost incapabila sa ma tin mereu. Serios, nu imi e sete si urasc sa ma fortez sa beau apa non-stop. Plus calatoriile dese la toaleta. Astea ma enerveaza si mai mult. Zilele in care beau un litru de apa pentru mine sunt o mare victorie.

Mergem mai departe cu celebrul “Sa fac sport”

1 ianuarie: “Pai … azi noapte a fost revelionul trebuie sa ma odihnesc”

2 ianuarie: “O las pe mine, oricum ma trezesc mai devreme sa ma duc la serviciu.”

3 ianuarie: Suna alarma: snooze, suna alarma: snooze, suna alarma: snooze. Zzzzzzzzzz… OH DOAMNE CAND S-A FACUT 8:30?

4 ianuarie: Suna alarma: CINE A PUS ALARMA LA ORA ASTAAAA?

*un minut mai tarziu*

Ah da … sport. Nu azi, poate maine. Zzzzzzzzzz. OH DOAMNE CAND S-A FACUT 8:30?

Voi aveti sau nu rezolutii pentru anul nou si daca da CUM VA TINETI DE ELE?

Hai, sa avem un an nou cu … rezolutie inalta 🙂

1st January: “I overdid it on new year’s eve, today it’s just water for me”

*after drinking soda all day long*

“It’s not that bad!”

2nd January: “A relaxing day today? What should we do? Let’s play some rummy”

*One hour later*

“Stack the pieces alone, I’m gonna grab a beer”

I drank 1 l until later that day by myself. This was a bigger fail.

I’m ashamed to write about the “drink more water” resolution, I’ve never been up to this challenge. I don’t feel a clenching thirst during the day and I hate drinking water with no reason. Besides, the urge to go often to the toilet annoys me the most. The days when I drink 1 l of water are a victory for me.

Moving on with the famous “More exercise”

1st January: “Well.. it was new year’s eve last night, I should be resting”

2nd January: “I’ll start tomorrow, I have to wake up early anyway to go to work”

3rd January: The alarm goes on: snooze, The alarm goes on: snooze. Zzzzzzzzzz… OG GOD HOW IS IT 8:30 ALREADY?

4th January: The alarm goes on: WHO SET THE ALARM SO EARLY?

*one minute later*

Oh, yeah, I should exercise. Not today, maybe tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzz. OG GOD HOW IS IT 8:30 ALREADY?

Do you have any new year resolutions and if you do do you actually go through with them?

Let’s have a high-resolution year 🙂

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