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Trist, dar adevarat; in Romania 9.000 de femei sunt diagnosticate anual cu cancer mamar, iar cifrele sunt in crestere. Nu suntem in octombrie, luna dedicata luptei imporiva cancerului la san, dar cred ca acesta este un subiect care trebuie dezbatut oricand. De curand am trecut si eu printr-o experienta destul de neplacuta, mai ales din punct de vedere emotional, care m-a convins sa descriu aici ce s-a intamplat, in speranta ca poate va ajuta pe cineva. Si in speranta ca din ce in ce mai multe femei nu vor mai ignora necesitatea unui control anual, mai ales dupa 30 de ani.

Povestea mea incepe prin aprilie anul trecut, cand am inceput sa simt o durere la san. Initial, am crezut ca are legatura cu perioada lunii, insa ea a persistat. M-am ingrijorat si am inceput sa ma palpez. Prima greseala: inainte nu aveam acest obicei. Undeva in minte cred ca tuturor ne rasuna in cap celebrele cuvinte “nu mi se intampla mie”. Asa am descoperit un nodul destul de mare la sanul drept. Fuga la doctor pentru un consult rapid si o trimitere la ecografie.

In ziua ecografiei nimic nu mi-a mers bine. Cu toate astea, m-am dus acolo relaxata, convinsa ca o sa am parte de un rezultat concludent. Multa vreme am vrut sa dau la medicina si pot sa spun ca multi termeni imi sunt destul de cunoscuti. Stiam ce semnale de bine sa caut pe ecranul ecografului.
In momentul in care am vazut nodulul pe ecran m-am blocat, nu arata deloc cum trebuie. Margini neregulate, destul de maricel si mai rau, deja vascularizat. Deja imi trecea prin cap ce e mai rau. Degeaba a incercat medicul sa imi explice ca nu se poate pune un diagnostic exact, fara un control de specialitate. In mintea mea deja curgeau scenariile. Asa am ajuns cateva zile mai tarziu direct la Institutul Oncologic Bucuresti (IOB).

Dupa ce am discutat cu medicul meu in amanunt despre interventie (urma sa scoatem nodulul pentru mai multe analize), am cautat multe informatii pe net despre spital si ce se intampla acolo, insa nu am gasit raspuns la toate intrebarile mele. In postarile care vor urma va voi povesti mai multe lucruri si daca aveti intrebari va rog sa mi le adresati oricand.

Restul povestii:

The discovery

It’s sad but true; in Romania 9000 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer, and the numbers keep rising. We are not in October, the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, but I think this is a subject that we can discuss anytime. Recently I have also been through a very unpleasant experience, especially from an emotional point of view. I decided to write here about my experience, hoping that I could help someone. And hoping that women will no longer ignore the yearly breast checkups recommended especially after the age of 30.

My story begins in April last year when I started to feel a pain in my right breast. Initially, I thought it had to do with the time of the month, but it persisted. I was worried and I started to perform a self-exam. My first mistake: I never had this habit before. Somewhere in our minds, I think we all say “it won’t happen to me”. This is how I discovered a fairly large beast nodule in my right breast. I went straight to my doctor for a check up and an ultrasound.

Nothing went well the day I scheduled my ultrasound. Still, I arrived there relaxed, convinced I’ll receive a clear result. For a long time I wanted to study medicine, and most terms are pretty familiar. I knew what are the good signals I needed to see during the ultrasound.
I panicked when I first saw the lump, it didn’t look right at all. Irregular edges, it was already a decent size and with a doppler signal. The worst case scenario was already in my mind. The doctor tried to explain that the result is inconclusive without a specialist’s opinion. My mind was going crazy. A few days later I went to the National Institute of Oncology in Bucharest (IOB).

I discussed all aspects of the intervention with my doctor (I needed surgery to remove the lump for further tests), and I started to look for info about the hospital, but I never found answers to all my questions. In my next posts on this subject, I’ll write about my experience there and you can ask me any questions anytime.

The rest of the story:

11 thoughts on “THE STORY OF MY BREAST LUMP (I)

  1. Multumesc mult pentru ca ne impartasesti din experienta ta! Sper ca acest lucru sa influenteze si sa ajunga la inimile tuturor. Vreau sa punctez ca este important si pentru domni, intrucat s-au constatat cateva cazuri si la barbati.
    Calde imbratisari, si un weekend fericit! 🙂

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