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Operatia de indepartare a nodulului

In ziua operatiei m-am trezit super devreme, oricum nu prea am avut somn (a fost prima experienta de acest fel pentru mine). Am fost preluata de asistenta doctorului meu, care mi-a luat pulsul, tensiunea, mi-a dat un gel de dus cu care sa ma spal pe locul operatiei si mi-a dat si halatelul in care urma sa intru in sala. Apropo, daca s-ar lucra putin si la bai si dusuri as putea sa spun ca la Institutul Oncologic Bucuresti (IOB) ar fi aproape bine. Dar stiind ce e prin alte spitale ma abtin de la comentarii inutile. Aici exista o baie cat de cat curata (depinde si de colegele de salon), functionala si un dus.

Am mai schimbat cateva vorbe si cu doamna doctor si cu cel de-al doilea medic care urma sa ma opereze.

Apoi o alta asistenta m-a luat de manuta, a incercat sa ma linisteasca pe cat de mult posibil in acea situatie si m-a condus spre blocul operator.

Acum fac o mica pauza si va spun ca eu multa vreme am vrut sa am fac chirurg, nu imi e frica de sange, operatie, ace, ba chiar sunt curioasa. Firea mea mi-a facut viata mult mai usoara in spital.

Am ajuns in preoperator si parca am intrat in alta lume. Era prima experienta de acest gen din viata mea. Era modern si curat, peste asteptarile mele. Am fost preluata de asistentele de aici, carora le multumesc pentru vorbele frumoase si zambete.

Una imi punea cipiceii in picioare, alta casca pe cap iar alta branula in mana. Sunt genul de om caruia nu ii place necunoscutul in aceste situatii, vreau sa stiu ce urmeaza sa mi se intample. Medicii si asistentele au vazut acest lucru si mi-au respectat dorinta. Inca un lucru la care nu ma asteptam. Imi era frica de faptul ca o sa mi se vorbeasca de sus si ca o sa mi se comande mai rau decat imi era de operatia in sine.

Tot in preoperator, urma sa vina si medicul anestezist pentru o discutie de rutina. Am stat acolo cuminte cateva minute. In sala alaturata se desfasura o operatie … curioasa din fire am urmarit totul din spatele geamului. Desigur, nu trebuie sa faceti ca mine, daca va e foarte frica atunci mai bine stati lungite in pat.

Dupa discutia de rutina cu anestezistul, una dintre asistente a venit sa ma conduca spre sala de operatie. In drumul meu am trecut si pe langa alte sali. Se opereaza pe muzica, sau in liniste doar cu sunetul aparatelor de monitorizare. Din nou, curizitatea si ineditul situatiei cred ca mi-au blocat cat de cat frica.

Am ajuns in sala de operatie, acolo ma astptau medicii, cu zambetul pe buze si comunicativi. Au ramas asa pana am adormit. Dupa ce m-am intins pe masa, doctorii mi-au spus, impreuna cu asistentele tot ce se intampla, pas cu pas. La un moment dat m-au anuntat ca se pregatesc sa injecteze anestezia. “O sa te simti putin ametita”, mi-a spus doctorul.

Pentru ca nu am mai trecut prin asa ceva, bazandu-ma pe ce am auzit de la prieteni si pe ceam vazut in emisiunile de la tv, am crezut ca o sa pic lata imediat. Nu s-a intamplat asta si la mine. Am intrebat de cateva ori daca adorm, cand trebuie sa adorm si de ce nu adorm mai repede. Asta s-a intamplat dupa ce le-am transmis tuturor ca eu voiam sa ma fac chirurg si ca la noapte o sa dorm pe patul din blocul operator, pentru ca e mult mai confortabil decat patul meu din salon. Cred ca toti au fost usurati sa vada ca am adormit in sfarsit.

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Breast lump removal surgery

I woke up super early on the day of the surgery; I didn’t sleep much anyway (it was my first surgery). My doctor’s nurse took my pulse and arterial pressure, gave me a shower gel to wash the surgery site and also gave me a robe to put on before surgery. By the way, if they would upgrade the bathrooms and toilets, I could say that the conditions at The National Oncology Institute in Bucharest (IOB) are almost decent. But, knowing the state of other hospitals, I stay away from useless comments. At least here I had a mildly clean bathroom (it also depends on the other patients), and a place to shower.

I also exchanged some words with the doctors, they were nice enough to visit and discuss some final aspects.

Another nurse came and took my hand, she tried to comfort me as much as possible on our way to the operating room.

Insert short break here, because I want to tell you that for the longest time I wanted to become a surgeon, so I’m not afraid of blood, hospitals, needles, I am very curious. This made my life easier here.

I arrived in the preoperative room and I felt like I have entered another world. It was the first experience for me; it was modern and clean, over my expectations. I want to thank the nurses who took care of me, were gentle and smiled.

One nurse was putting on those operating room slippers, another one the surgical hair net and the Intravenous (IV) cannula. I’m the type of person who does not like the unknown in situations like these, I want to know what’s going to happen next. The doctors and nurses here noticed this and respected my wish. It was another thing I did not expect. I was afraid they were going to patronize me, it was actually scarier than the surgery itself.

I also waited here for the anesthesiologist to show up for a routine talk. I waited for a few minutes. In a room nearby the doctors were performing a surgery … I’m very curious and took a peek from behind the window. Of course, you don’t have to do this, if you’re afraid you should just lie on the bed and try to relax.

After the routine talk with the anesthesiologist, one of the nurses came to take me to the operating room. On my way, I’ve passed other rooms. Some performed surgery listening to music, others were quiet; you could only hear the sound of the medical equipment. Again, my curiosity blocked my fear.

I arrived in the operating room, and there the doctors were waiting, they were smiling and very talkative. They stayed like this until I fell asleep. After I lied down on the table, the doctors and nurses told me what was going on, step by step. At some point, they’ve told me they’ll begin the anesthesia procedure. “You’re going to feel a bit dizzy”, said the doctor.

Because it was my first experience, I was only relying on what I’ve seen on TV documentaries and on what my friends told me, so I thought I’ll fall asleep on the spot. It didn’t happen with me. I’ve asked a few times if I’m falling asleep, when will I fall asleep and why I’m not falling asleep faster. Before this, I’ve let everyone know that I wanted to be a surgeon and that “tonight I’m sleeping here because It’s way more comfortable than the bed I was supposed to actually sleep in.” I think they were all relieved when I finally fell asleep.

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12 thoughts on “THE STORY OF MY BREAST LUMP (IV)

  1. It’s great you are recording this. Unfortunately I didn’t record my first ever internment in hospital at 74 years old nor the first surgery shortly after (for, you might say, the male equivalent of your suspected problem) but I did record the second, at some length. It might interest you, particularly as, although in England, Romanians were involved:

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. And I wish you health, it’s one of life’s most important aspects. It’s great to hear you had a nice experience with Romanian doctors, thanks for speaking so highly of them!


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