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Prima discutie dupa operatie

Dupa ce am ajuns in salon, doamna doctor mi-a mai facut o vizita; s-a asigurat ca sunt bine si a discutat cu mine pret de cateva minute. Abia atunci m-am convins definitiv ca rezultatul a fost unul bun.

Nu mi-a fost rau deloc, desi imi era o sete crunta; imediat dupa operatie nu ai voie sa bei foarte multa apa. Dupa cateva ore am putut sa mananc ceva usor si am avut voie sa beau si o cafea cu mult lapte. Asta m-a facut tare fericita.

In noaptea dupa operatie, desi ma simteam bine, am ramas in spital ca masura de precautie. Durerile au fost suportabile, nu am avut nevoie de calmante. De dormit nu prea am reusit sa dorm dar nu stiu pe nimeni care sa se fi odihnit bine intr-un spital. Patul nu era foarte comod, si asta mi-a facut viata si mai grea pentru ca ma durea spatele mai rau decat operatia. E agitatie chiar si noaptea, pacientii mai merg la baie, asistentele mai intra in salon.

Dimineata a urmat si primul pansament si momentul in care am vazut operatia pentru prima data. Arata mai bine decat ma asteptam, foarte putin inflamata si fara vanatai evidente. Pasamentul nu e deloc dueros, doar se schimba o fasa si cu o seringa se extrage limfa de la locul operatiei (daca e cazul sau daca nu exista drena, asta depinde de la caz la caz). Apoi am fost gata de plecare.

Sfaturile au fost simple, revenirea la pansamente, efort minim cateva zile, comprese cu gheata pentru evitarea inflamarii si urmarea unui tratmanent medicamentos. Firele le-am scos dupa doua saptamani, procesul nu a fost deloc dureos. Restrictii au fost minime, sa evit pentru moment baile lungi, expunerea la soare si sa nu fac sport o perioada.

M-am bucurat ca nu am avut probleme cu operatia, care s-a vindecat binisor. Acum, dupa 10 luni inca se mai observa (nici nu se poate altfel) insa nu este ceva deranjant. Consider ca e un pret mic platit pentru sanatatea mea. Din punct de vedere estetic nu aveti de ce sa va faceti giji. In functie de taietura, zona va fi amortita timp de cateva luni, dar isi va reveni cu timpul. Iar singurele restrictii pe care le am in continuare sunt legate de expunerea directa la soare. Asadar, interzis la topless 🙂

Urmeaza controale si ecografii periodice, la recomandarea doctorului. Eu am avut insa ghinion teribil; a aparut si al doilea nodul dupa cateva luni, la sanul opus, fix in acelasi loc.

First talk after surgery

After I got back to the hospital room, my doctor came back to check up on me; she made sure I’m ok and we talked for a couple of minutes. It was only then that I was convinced the test result was ok.

I didn’t feel sick at all, but I was so so thirsty; right after surgery, you’re not allowed to drink lots of water. After a few hours I was allowed to eat something light and I had a cup of coffee with milk. This made me very happy.

I stayed in the hospital the night after surgery, even if I was feeling well, as a precaution measure. The pain was bearable, I didn’t need any painkillers. I couldn’t really sleep, the bed was not very comfortable, and you can’t get a good rest in a hospital. There are people roaming around even during the night, the patients often go to the bathroom, and the nurses enter the rooms to check the patients.

In the morning my bandages were changed and I took a look at the surgery. It looked better than I was expecting, no visible inflammation and no bruising. The bandage change is not painful, the nurse will just change the bandage and the doctor will use a syringe to extract lymph from the surgery site (if it’s the case or if there’s not a surgical drain in place). I was ready to go home.

The doctor’s advice was simple, I came back for bandage changes a few times, no physical effort for a few days, local ice pack applications to avoid inflammation and a prescription for a few days. I got my stitches removed after two weeks, and it was not painful at all. There were minimal restrictions, no hot and long baths, no sun exposure and no sports for a while.

I was happy I had no major issues after the surgery, it healed pretty well. Now, after 10 months it’s barely noticeable (it will always be there) but it’s not a problem. It’s a small price I paid for my health. From the esthetic point of view, there’s nothing to worry about. Each surgery is different, but the site of the incision may be numb for a while. You’ll get the senses back soon. The only restrictions I still have are related to direct sun exposure. So no topless tanning 🙂

I also have periodic ultrasounds, depending on the doctor orders. I had bad luck; a second breast lump appeared after a few months in my other breast, in the exact same location.

10 thoughts on “THE STORY OF MY BREAST LUMP (VI)

  1. Another helpful post for anyone discovering a ‘lump’ but very sorry to hear about the new discovery; I guess this series might continue with similar happy ending. Ai grija!


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