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Sa inceapa aventura! Simteam cu o saptamana in urma ca timpul parca sta in loc si nu imi mai vine si mie randul sa plec in vacanta. Anul acesta am ales Rodos, in Grecia, unde prezentul se imbina perfect cu trecutul. A fost o alegere indelung gandita, pentru ca desi ne dorim sa petrecem ceva timp la plaja, vrem sa exploram si locuri noi. Let the adventure begin! Lately, I was feeling like time stands still and my vacation will never come. This year I chose Rhodes, in Greece, where the present meets the past in a perfect harmony. It was an inspired choice because even if we like to spend a few hours at the beach, we also love to explore new places.

O sa incep cu o scurta descriere a locatiei: Rodosul este supranumit, pe buna dreptate, “insula cavalerilor”. Aici veti gasi pe langa ape de un albastru electric, si unul dintre putinele orase medievale din Europa care inca sunt locuite. Tot aici s-a ridicat candva Colosul din Rodos, una dintre cele 7 minuni ale lumii antice. Din cauza locatiei ofertante din punct de vedere strategic, aici s-au purtat numeroase batalii. Cum nu toata lumea e interesata de amanuntele istorice care mie imi plac atat de mult, nu o sa intru in detalii. I’ll start with a short description of our location: Rhodes is also known as the “Island of the Knights” and with good reason. Here, you will not only find electric-blue waters, but you can also visit one of the oldest inhabited medieval towns in Europe. The Colossus of Rhodes once stood here, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. Because the island holds a strategic location, this was also the site of many battles. Not everyone is interested in history so I won’t be writing any more details about this.
Rhodes Old City
Ce e important de stiut e ca arhitectura greaca se imbina intr-un stil unic cu cladirile construite de italieni, bizantini si chiar evrei. Nu va temeti de ploaie, precipitatiile cad iarna iar Rodos e probabil cea mai insorita insula a grecilor. Din 365 de zile pe an, in 300 soarele straluceste puternic pe cer. What you should know is that the Greek architecture is beautifully combined with the buildings built by the Italians, Byzantines or even Jews. Don’t even think about the rain this time of the year, rain falls only during the winter, and Rhodes is probably the sunniest of the Greek islands. Out of 365 days, the sun shines here in 300 of them.
Windy Beach
Am zburat spre Rodos cu o aeronava Tarom si abia asteptam, pentru ca nu mai calatorisem cu ei de ceva vreme. Nu mi-a placut faptul ca Tarom nu ofera checkin online, ascunzandu-se in spatele scuzei ca zborul e organizat de agentia de turism. In fine, daca plecati cu charter in vacanta, veti trece mai intai de o coada de vreo ora, asa cum am patit eu. Mai exista varianta sa participati in aeroport la celebra cursa de origini romanesti “primul la ghiseu”, care vine la pachet cu imbulzeala si trollere in deriva.

Candva fan declarat Tarom, acum nu mai pot decat sa spun ca ei ofera servicii de low cost cu pretentii de companie de linie. Nu ma mai mira deci situatia financiara proasta in care au ajuns. Calatoria cu avionul a durat aproximativ 2 ore, iar la aeroportul din Rodos am fost asteptati de reprezentantul agentiei, care ne-a asigurat si transportul la hotel.

Am ales hotelul Mitsis la Vita, situat in centrul orasului Rodos, tocmai pentru a avea acces rapid la plaja (peste strada), dar si la cele mai importante obiective turistice. Am fost cazati imediat cum am ajuns la receptie si pana acum nu am niciun motiv sa ma plang. Am ales varianta cu demipensiune. Primul lucru pe care l-am facut? Evident … o prima baie in mare, ca sa luam mai bine pulsul statiunii. Plaja in Rodos e cu pietre, asa ca mare atentie. Pentru nisip, va recomand Lindos sau mult mai celebra Faliraki.

Drumul si cele vreo 2 ore petrecute in mare ne-au facut o foame de lup, asa ca ne-am indreptat spre camera ca sa ne pregatim pentru cina. La Mitsis la Vita doar micul dejun se serveste la hotel, pentru cina, trebuie sa va deplasati peste drum, aproximativ 3 minute, pana la Petit Palais. Am plecat spre cina fara prea mari steptari, tocmai ca sa nu fiu dezamagita, insa am trait o surpriza foarte placuta. Mancareaa fost delicioasa, cu feluri foarte diverse, bazate atat pe bucataria internationala dar si pe cu feluri traditionale din Grecia.

I arrived here with a Tarom flight and I could hardly wait because it’s been a while since my last flight with them. I hated the fact that they don’t offer online check-in, hiding behind the fact that the flight is organized by the touristic agency. If you want to fly with a charter from Otopeni, you will first stay in line for about an hour, like me. There’s another chance, to enter the famous Romanian race “who’s first at the counter”, but do it at your own risk, since everyone will do whatever it takes to be first.

Once a fan of Tarom, now I can only say the offer low-cost services for the price of full service so their bad financial situation no longer surprises me. The trip took about 2 hours from Bucharest, and at the Rhodes airport the travel agency representative was waiting, the transfer to the hotel was also included; so we had no worries.

We chose Mitsis la Vita Hotel, situated in the city center, for the quick access to the beach (right across the street), but also to the most important touristic objectives. We got our room as soon as we arrived, and until now there’s no reason for me to complain. We opted for half-board meals. The first thing we did? Obviously … a first visit to the beach to better see the surroundings. In the town of Rhodes there are only rocky beaches, so watch out. For sand beaches, go to Lindos or the famous Faliraki beach.

The trip to Rhodes and the 2 hours we spent swimming made us want to eat anything, so we got back to our room to get ready for dinner. At Mitsis la Vita, only breakfast is served on the premises, for dinner you just have to cross the street to get to the Petit Palais hotel. We had no big expectations when we arrived because I didn’t want to be disappointed, instead, we were pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, with different courses based on the international cuisine, but the most famous Greek dishes were also there.

Seara a continuat cu o plimbare in celebrul port Mandraki, situat la aproximativ 10 minute de mers de hotel. Peisajul e superb iar briza marii va va racori cu siguranta. Daca va plac pisicile aflati ca la fel ca in orice orasel din Grecia, si in Rodos ele sunt la orice colt de strada. Cele din port au fost foarte prietenoase, o data ce s-au convins ca sunt o profesionista atunci cand vine vorba de oferit mangaieri. Apoi noi am continuat plimbarea prin orasul vechi. O data ce pasesti prin portile cetatii (12 la numar, o puteti alege pe oricare va este mai aproape) intri parca in alta lume, cea a cavalerilor medievali. Aici, posibilitatile sunt nelimitate, de la restaurante cu specific local sau international, baruri sau cluburi de noapte, veti avea cu siguranta de unde alege. In micile piete din oras veti vedea multe spectacole oferite de artisti locali, iar multe baruri si restaurante sunt la inaltime … la propriu, chiar pe acoperisuri.

Atat pentru prima zi, ne revedem zilele urmatoare! Nu promit ca voi avea timp sa scriu in fiecare zi, cu siguranta vor fi momente in care voi combina doua sau trei zile intr-un singur post, in functie de timpul pe care il am. Dar va astept aici pentru continuarea aventurii.

The evening continued with a walk at the famous Mandraki port, located about 10 minutes from the hotel. The view is amazing, and the cool sea breeze is great. If you love cats then you should know that, as in most places in Greece, you can also find them everywhere on this island too. The ones we found in the port were friendly only after they noticed I do a good job petting them. Then we ventured into the old town. Once you step through one of the 12 gates of the city (choose which one is closer to you, they lead to the same place) you will find yourself in another world, of medieval knights. Here, the possibilities are endless, from Greek to international restaurants, bars or night clubs, the choice is yours to make. In the small town squares, you’ll see many performances offered by local artists, many restaurants and bars are … literally high, on the rooftops.

That’s it for now, see you in the following days! I’m not going to promise I’ll write daily, surely I’ll combine two or thee days in one post, depending on the time I have. But I’ll wait for you here to continue the adventure.

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      1. Actually being in a place you’ve extensively read about can be quite fulfilling, especially if some of the historic sites are still there. I remember feeling very excited to visit Boston, due to its significance during the colonial era. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to be in a city whose history was as extensive and well-documented as Rhodes.’

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