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Ziua a patra in Rodos a fost si cea mai activa pentru noi pana acum. Am vizitat cateva locuri incredibil de frumoase. Caldura a fost sufocanta, dar a meritat din plin. Din comoditate, am preferat sa nu mergem in excursie pe cont propriu. Am ales din oferta agentiei de turism care ne-a preluat aici, si acum pot sa spun ca am facut foarte bine. Nu a trebuit sa imi fac griji in legatura cu traseul, totul a fost foarte bine organizat, iar detaliile oferite de ghid pe traseu au fost chiar interesante. Our fourth day in Rhodes was also the most active. We’ve seen some truly amazing places. It was a very hot day, but it was worth it. Out of commodity, we did not organize the trip ourselves and we chose from the tour operator’s offer. Now I can say it was a good choice, we had no worries about the objectives and how to get to them, everything was very well organized and the stories told by our guide along the way were very informative and entertaining.

Primul popas a fost in oraselul Lindos, o adevarata bijuterie cu care grecii se lauda pe buna dreptate. Aici puteti vizita si templul zeitei Atena. La ultimul nivel am templului abia se gaseste un petic de umbra in ziele incinse, asta ca sa nu ziceti ca nu v-am prevenit :). Pana la Acropole aveti de urcat cam 300 de trepte, dar incurajator e ca si cei cativa pensionari pe care i-am vazut pe traseu s-au descurcat bine. Oricum, pe o portiune a drumului va veti putea opri la buticurile care va imbie cu suveniruri care mai de care mai spectaculoase. E nevoie doar de putin efort pentru a ajunge sus (exista si o taxa de 12 euro). Aici, privelistea panoramica e cu adevarat spectaculoasa. Principala mea amintire de ramane insa goana dupa umbra … doamne, cum ardea soarele! First stop, the town of Lindos, one of the most popular places in Rhodes, and with good justice. Here you can also visit The Acropolis (Temple of Athena). On the last level of the temple you can hardly find some shadow during the very hot days, so don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 You have to go up the 300 stairs to get to the Acropolis, but the older people we met on our way up had no problems at all, so maybe this can be encouraging even for the laziest people to go up the stairs. At the beginning of your way up, you can also stop and admire the gift shops, that offer various souvenirs. It takes just a bit of effort to go up (there is a 12 euro fee). Here, the panoramic view is spectacular. Still, I will remember this place for trying to find some shade from the hot sun.
Dupa o vizita pana sus, va puteti racori pe superba plaja cu nisip din Lindos.  O baie in marea de un albastru perfect pica la fix. Once you’ve done visiting the temple, you can cool down on the Lindos sandy beach. A dip in the blue sea is perfect.
Urmatorul popas … Monolithos, un satuc care se mandreste cu un castel medieval construit in varful unei stanci de 100 de metri. Monumentul poate fi vizitat, dar nu a fost pe traseul nostru. Ne-am multumit doar cu privelistea fabuloasa, de la distanta. Next stop … Monolithos, a village which takes pride with the medieval castle, built on top of a 100 meters rock. You can visit the monument, but this stop was not planned on our course. We just settled for a very beautiful image from far far away.
Dupa ce am admirat atatea minuni antice, a venit timpul sa degustam cateva minunatii locale. Ne-am oprit pentru o degustare de dulciuri si alte specialitati grecesti. Am incercat (si cumparat) o sticla de ouzo cu cafea, super aromat, dar la fel de alcoolizat. Am gustat si din souma, un fel de tuica de struguri, dar tot ouzo ramane preferatul meu. In rest am incercat multe feluri de alune dulci si sarate, halva si soiuri de miere care mai de care mai speciale. Mi-a placut mult mierea de pin, cea de castane si cimbru. Ultima are o aroma cu adevarat speciala, dulce si putin condimentata.

Organizatorii excursiei ne-au plasat apoi strategic la o taverna traditionala din alt satuc, Embona. Afacerea e una de familie, iar gustul a fost super autentic. Am mancat cel mai bun tzatziki si o portie de chiftelute din naut (specifice insulei Rodos) absolut dementiale. Nu am apucat sa fac poze pentru ca nu stiam cu ce sa incep mai repede, cat am clipit masa a fost goala. Tot aici am gustat si din cele mai dulci si zemoase portocale. Initial ne-a fost si frica sa le desfacem, pareau necoapte, erau verzi pe alocuri si total diferite de ce vedem noi prin magazine. Bine ca am fost inspirata pentru ca altfel nici nu stiam ce am ratat. Portocale precum cele de la Savvas voi mai vedea … abia in urmatoarea aventura in Grecia. Zilele urmatoare voi avea grija sa mananc portocale din plin, ca sa nu le duc lipsa prea mult.

De aici am plecat spre o crama … afacere locala cu vinuri cum nu mai gasesti in alta parte. Am gustat doua soiuri cu adevarat speciale, produse dupa o reteta specifica insulei Rodos. Un vin rosu demidulce la care imi e gandul si acum desi culmea, eu nu ma dau in vant dupa vinul rosu, si un vin alb dulce … dulce ca mierea, care insa, baut fara grija te va ameti imediat si apoi iti va da o durere de cap teribila. Si acum regret ca nu am luat la pachet o sticla din vinul rosu atat de bun, dar mi-a fost frica de faptul ca va ajunge direct pe hainele mele din bagajul de cala. Motiv sa revenim si cu alta ocazie.

Ultima oprire a fost valea fluturilor, un habitat unic, unde, in fiecare vara intre lunile iunie si septembrie se aduna fluturi de un anume soi (Panaxia). Racoarea oferita de padurea in care este amplasata rezervatia a fost cu adevarat binevenita. Fluturii dorm ziua intr-un peisaj de poveste, aproape de rau. Ei sunt cu adevarat spectaculosi abia atunci cand isi deschid aripile si zboara. Turistii sunt rugati sa nu ii deranjeze, specia e in pericol de disparitie si orice intruzine in mediul lor e daunatoare. Din pacate, nu toata lumea intelege, iar cativa turisti rusi nu au facut altceva decat sa alerge dupa bietii fluturi, fara ca cineva sa le faca vreo observatie.

Pe traseu ne-a mai atras atentia si o ferma de struti unde puteai interactiona cu simpaticele pasari. Nu a mai fost insa timp si pentru asta. Mi-ar fi placut insa experienta si iata deci inca un motiv ca sa mai revenim aici.

After we admired all these ancient wonders, it was also time to taste some local goodies. We stopped for sweets and other Greek specialties tastings. We tasted (and bought) some coffee ouzo, very aromatized but also loaded with alcohol. We also had a sip of souma, an alcoholic beverage made out of grapes. Still, I prefer the ouzo. We also tried peanuts, both sweet and salty, halva and some very special honey. I distinctly remember the taste of pine, chestnuts and thyme honey. The last one has a very special, with a spicy aroma, unusual but also really tasty.

The trip organizers placed us strategically at a local Greek taverna, in another village, Embona. It’s a family business, and the taste was truly authentic. We ate the best tzatziki and we tried some meatballs made from chickpeas (a local specialty) so so very tasty. I had no time for pictures because I was very busy eating everything off the plate in one second. Here, we also ate the world’s tastiest oranges. First, we were very reluctant because they looked unripe, somewhat green and very different from what we see in our stores. It’s a good thing I was inspired and I tasted one because I would have missed a treat. Oranges like the ones we had at Savvas I’ll eat again … during our next visit to Greece. I’ll have to eat plenty of oranges during the next days, so I won’t miss them too much.

From here, we stopped at a winery … a local business with wines like no others I ever tried. We tasted two special kinds of wine, made after a local recipe from Rhodes. A red semi sweet wine, and a white wine sweet as honey … which you have to drink carefully otherwise it will get you dizzy in no time and with a hell of a headache afterward. I’m sorry I didn’t buy a bottle of that special red wine, but I was afraid it will get on all of my clothes in the case of an accident with my luggage in the hold of the aircraft. Good reason for us to come back another time.

Last stop .. the Valley of the Butterflies, a unique habitat for some very beautiful winged creatures. Every summer, between June and September here, gather the Panaxia butterflies. The habitat is in a very cool and windy forest, which was a blessing after a hot day. The butterflies sleep during the day, in a beautiful landscape, close to a river. They are amazing when they open the wings and fly. The tourists are asked not to disturb them because any human intrusion is harmful. Unfortunately, not everybody understands, and a few Russian tourists chased the poor butterflies without anyone noticing.

We also passed an ostrich farm, where you could interact with the awesome birds. We had no time for this, even if I would have liked to see them. There’s another reason to come back to Rhodes soon.


5 thoughts on “RHODES, DAY 4”

  1. Am fost si eu in Rodos acum multi ani si mi-a placut teribil de mult. Din pacate insa nu rezist prea bine la caldura si ce-mi aduc aminte cel mai bine e panica in drum spre plaja, am stat intr-un satuc- Afando- si dura 20 de min de mers pe jos prin caldurile de foc. 😉 haha! Am vizitat si noi ceva, dar nu organizat, mai putin insula Symi, pe care v-o recomand cu caldura- mie una mi-a placut la nebunie! Pe vapor, din cauza soarelui nemilos, m-am ales cu o exema solara pe viata, asa ca v-as recomanda ceva din panza topita cu maneca lunga. 😉 Vacanta placuta!

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    1. Multumim pentru recomandari, nu stiu daca vom mai avea timp si pentru insula Symi pentu ca timpul trece prea repede aici si caldura este cevaaaa … nu este cald este EXTREM de cald. Pe deasupra, am prins si o perioada de cod rosu, insa acum a trecut. Si eu am o alergie solara (capatata tot dupa un soare nemilos acum multi ani), este insa o forma usoara pe care o tin sub control cu SPF +50. Nu ma supar, pentru ca mereu am preferat sa am pielea alba si am stat la plaja sub umbrela. Chiar si asa, numai din plimbari si balaceala in mare m-am bronzat cum nu am mai fost pana acum :)) Si noroc ca am fost inspirata sa port palarie peste tot ca altfel nu stiu ce faceam.

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  2. We are currently working on our blog about Rhodes and will be relating some of the very same stories! Great to see your take on Lindos in particular!

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