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Nu stiu cum a zbuat timpul si deja a trecut si ziua a 5-a de vacanta. Astazi am explorat la pas minunatiile din orasul vechi. Pasii ne-au dus pe celebra strada a cavalerilor (Ippoton), care si-a pastrat in totalitate farmecul medieval. Pe vremuri loc de odihna pentru cavaleri, strada gazduieste acum multe cladiri ministeriale. Time flies here in Rhodes, it’s already our 5-th day here. Today, we explored all the wonders in the old town. Our steps took us on the famous Knights Street (Ippoton), which kept its original charm over the years. Once, this street housed the knights, now it’s host for many ministerial buildings.


Strada duce la Palatul Marelui Maestru – acesta este castelul pe care il puteti vedea din aproape orice punct al orasului. Fortareata, care a fost ridicata in secolul 7 de bizantini, i-a gazduit in timp pe cavalarii din Odinul Ospitalielilor, otomani, italieni (a fost chiar resedinta de vacanta a lui Benito Mussolini). Noi am cumparat bilet multiplu: cu 10 euro puteti vizita castelul, muzeul de arheologie, galeria de arta populara si biserica Panagia tou Kastrou. The street leads to the Grand Master’s Palace – the castle that’s visible from almost every point of the city. The Byzantines raised the fortress in the 7-th century, and in time, it also hosted the Knights Hospitaller, ottomans, Italians (it was even a summer residence for Benito Mussolini). We bought a combined ticket: for 10 euros you can visit the castle, the archaeology museum, the decorative arts museum and Church of Panagia tou Kastrou.


De aici, am pornit spre muzeul de arheolgie, care este situat la capatul celalat al strazii Ippoton. Initial, a fost spitalul cavalerilor. Cel mai mult m-a impresioant arhitectura din curtea interioara. Puteti admira aici mai multe colectii arheologice care ilustreaza viata de-a lungul timpului pe insula. Sa nu ratati o plimbare prin gradinile racoroase unde veti gasi si cateva mozaicuri frumoase. From here, we left towards the Archaeological Museum, situated at the other end of Ippoton street. Initially, it served as a hospital for the knights. I stopped in the courtyard and admired for several minutes the architecture. You can also visit the available collections, which depict the life on the island in different time periods. Don’t miss a walk through the gardens, where you can admire some beautiful mosaics.


La muzeul de arta populara veti admira vase de lemn sau de lut si costume traditionale. Nu am putut sa nu remarc faptul ca unele semanau izbitor cu strachinile romanesti. At the decorative arts museum, you can admire pottery and folk costumes. I couldn’t help but notice the fact that some of them looked similar to the Romanian pottery.


Ne-am oprit si pentru o scurta vizita la Biserica Panagia tou Kastrou (Doamna Castelului) care acum gazduieste o serie de icoane bizantine. We also stopped for a short visit at Church of Panagia tou Kastrou (Our Lady of the Castle) which now houses an exhibition of Byzantine paintings.


Ultima oprire a fost la ceasul din Rodos (Roloi), una dintre cele mai impresionante structuri din oras. Este unul dintre cele mai inalte puncte ale orasului, si ofera o panorama superba. Ca sa ajungeti sus, va trebui insa sa parcurgeti niste scari inguste de lemn. De sus, in zilele foarte senine se poate vedea insula Symi si coasta Turciei. Intrarea costa 5 euro si include si o bautura la barul din curtea interioara. Our last stop for the day was the clock tower (Roloi), one of the most impressive town structures. It’s one of the highest points in town and offers a beautiful panoramic view. To get to the top, you must climb a set of narrow wooden steps. If the sky is crystal clear, you can see Symi island and the Turkish coast line. The entrance costs 5 euros and it includes a complimentary drink at the bar.


Ziua s-a incheiat pentru noi cu o mult asteptata balaceala in mare. The day ended with a well-deserved splash in the sea.

Windy Beach

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