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Cu siguranta toata lumea asociaza Rodosul cu legenda celebrului colos care a fost ridicat aici in antichitate. Impunatoarea statuie a fost distrusa de un cutremur, iar astazi nici macar locatia exacta nu i se cunoaste. Recent s-ar fi descoperit dovezi cum ca statuia a fost ridicata pe un deal in apropiera Rodusului – unde acum puteti vizita stadionul, amfiteatrul si ruinele templului lui Apollo. Insa alte teorii sustin ca aceasta a fost ridicata in port. In amintirea legendei, pe locul in care se prepupune ca a fost ridicat Colosul acum stau doua statui – un cerb si o ciuta. Legenda colosului a fascinat insa intregi generatii – a inspirat celebra statuie a libertatii si producatorii Game of Thrones au creeat Titanul din Braavos dupa chipul si asemanarea Colosului din Rodos. Se vorbeste despre un proiect prin care un nou colos ar putea sa ia nastere in Rodos, insa mai e cale lunga pana acolo. I’m pretty sure that when people think Rhodes, they automatically associate the island with the legend of the Colossus, the statue that stood here in ancient times. It was destroyed by an earthquake, and today we don’t even know the exact location. Recently, some excavations place the statue on a hill, next to Rhodes City, where you can now visit the stadium, theatre and the temple of Apollo. Other theories claim that the statue was located in the harbor. Here two statues remind us of the possible location – a buck and a deer. The Colossus legend fascinated entire generations – it even inspired the famous statue of liberty, and the producers of Game of Thornes created the Braavos Titan after the legendary statue from Rhodes. There’s talk of a new colossus in Rhodes, but it looks like there’s a long way to go.

Statuia cerbului nu este intamplatoare in Rhodos. Puteti vedea acest simbol pretutindeni, si asta pentru ca este considerat un fel de protector al insulei. In antichitate, dupa ce s-au confruntat cu o invazie de serpi veninosi, locuitorii din Rodos au adus cerbi si ciute din Creta. Explicatia? Dupa ce cad, coarnele cerbului pot fi macinate. Rezulta un praf toxic pentru vipere. In zilele noastre serpii veninosi nu mai sunt un pericol pe insula. The buck statue is not just art. You can see this symbol everywhere because it’s the city protector. In ancient times, after a venomous snake invasion, the people of Rhodes bought bucks and deers from Crete. The explanation is simple. After the horns fall off, they can be grinded. The resulting dust acts like a poison for venomous snakes. It’s why today these snakes are no longer a threat on the island.
La orice pas poti admira morile de vant specifice. At every step, you can admire the traditional wind mills.


Pisicile sunt peste tot in Rodos, iar majoritatea sunt foarte prietenoase. Also, cats are everywhere in Rhodes. Most of them are very friendly.
Asa arata bauturile in Rodos. Apropo, acestea sunt varianta medie. This is how drinks are served in Rhodes. Those are the medium ones.


Si iata peste pe minunatie de catel am dat in Rodos. Il cheama Jhonny si e mascota in carne si oase a unui magazin de suveniruri. Jhonny baiat bun as putea spune eu 🙂 And here’s the lovely puppy I’ve encountered in Rhodes. His name is Jhonny and is the living breathing mascot of a souvenir shop. Jhonny good boy might I add 🙂


Peste tot veti gasi si maslinii, sa nu fiti insa curiosi sa incercati maslinele. Ele capata gustul atat de bun dupa un proces indelungat. Va puteti delecta insa cu delicioase masline de toate felurile la restaurante. You’ll also find olive trees, but don’t be tempted to try the olives. They get the specific taste after a long process. You can try olives of all kinds at every restaurant.

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