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Cum va petreceti un weekend linistit? Care sunt lucrurile esentiale pentru cateva ore perfecte intr-un loc linistit?

Iata lista mea:

How do you spend a relaxing weekend? What are your essentials for a few perfect hours in your comfort zone?

Check out my list:


★ Un film relaxant, poate o comedie, sau ceva romantic, care sa imi transimta o stare bune de spirit.

☕ O canapea confortabila, laptopul meu si o cana de cafea.

☺ O patura pufoasa si calduroasa.

♡ O lumanare aromata pentru o atmosfera perfecta.

♪ Muzica pe fundal sau poate o aplicatie de sunete. Acest site oferta multe optiuni pentru orice moment, e imposibil sa nu nimeriti ceva pe placul vostru.

☝ Un desert delicios, ceva dulce e intotdeauna binevenit.

★ A nice relaxing movie, maybe a comedy or some romantic flick, something to get my good vibes running.

 A comfy couch, my laptop, and some coffee.

 A warm blanket to keep out the cold.

♡ A nice scented candle for a perfect atmosphere.

♪ Some music in the background or maybe a relaxing noise app. This site offers many options for every moment, it’s impossible not to find something you enjoy. 

 A yummy dessert, I honestly love something sweet.

3 thoughts on “COMFY WEEKEND TIME”

  1. Good to hear from you! My essentials for a comfy weekend are:

    1. Good coffee, preferably brewed either using a French press or Turkish style.
    2. Soft, warm clothes.
    3. Red wine.

    A good nature or science-related documentary helps too, but isn’t necessary. Of course, everything’s more magical when there’s a snow-covered landscape outside.

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    1. Hi, I just took a little break from writing stuff on the blog, but it’s nice to come back, and just in time for the winter holidays. Here we are pretty close to witnessing the first snow of this winter. It’s nice if you are in a winter resort, but in a big city … not that fun 🙂 I also love a nice French press coffee. For me, it’s the best 🙂

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      1. Welcome back 🙂

        Snow in cities does tend to get nasty, but that’s because there’s already so much filth in big cities. The snow just makes it harder for us to ignore the pollution we create. Snow can make travel difficult though – temporarily.

        I’m drinking French pressed coffee right now 😉

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