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Pentru mine mancarea este una dinte micile placeri ale vietii si intotdeauna ma bucur atunci cand gasesc in Bucuresti un loc special, care ma face sa imi doresc sa revin din nou si din nou ca sa incerc gusturi speciale. E fix ceea ce mi s-a intamplat cu Paine si Vin. Food has always been one of life’s small pleasures for me, this is why I am always happy when I discover great places in Bucharest, making me want to go back again and again for a delicious bite. Here’s my recent experience at Paine si vin.

Paine si Vin

Prima data am mers la Paine si Vin cu o prietena. M-au atras decorul cu adevarat special si meniul unic. Din momentul in care am pus piciorul in local sevirea a fost ireprosabila, ospatari amabili si pe alocuri glumeti. Am incercat un Chardonnay de Banat si am impartit un aperitiv si o vatra romana, din selectia lor de produse inspirate din bucataria italiana.

A doua oara am fost cu jumatatea mea si desi initial Paine si Vin nu a fost localul la care am vrut sa ajungem, cumva pasii ne-au purtat acolo … si bine au facut 🙂 Vremea era deja mai blanda asa ca am putut sa luam loc pe terasa micuta de afara. Inconjurata de multi turisti straini, aproape ca am inceput sa ma simt si eu ca intr-o scurta vacanta. Din spate auzeam italiana, iar in fata era un grup atipic format din englezi si francezi. Culmea, am ales din nou produse din acceasi categorie, aperitive si vatra, diferite insa de data aceasta, dar la fel de gustoase. Si stiu ca am fost la Paine si Vin, dar a doua oara am ales sa beau un cidru Blind Pig, care a mers de minune cu mancarurile incercate. Cu gandul la o vacanta rapida mi s-a facut brusc dor de una dintre destinatiile mele preferate, Spania 🙂 si am ochit imediat in meniu un jamon de mangalita, raspunsul nostru la traditionalul jamon Serrano din Spania. Baza e acceasi ca in Spania, dar gusturile sensibil diferite. Sa incercati cu incredere jamonul romanesc daca ajungeti la Paine si Vin, eu deja poftesc in timp ce scriu aceste randuri.

Am avut mare noroc pentru ca la final a ramas loc si pentru un desert. Lista nu e atat de variata, insa toate optiunile par absolut delicioase. M-a convins lemon curd-ul lor si din nou … am facut o alegere pe care nu am regretat-o. Nici nu stiu cum sa ii descriu gustul … o explozie neasteptata de racoare si dulce, unul dintre cele mai bune deserturi pe care le-am gustat in Bucuresti. Dulce si acrisor in acelasi timp, cu o textura delicata si fresh. Combinat cu o portie de biscotti si capsuni a fost bomboana de pe tort a unei iesiri cu adevarat reusite.

I arrived the first time at Paine si Vin with a friend. I instantly loved the special decor and unique menu. From the moment we set foot there, the service was great, our waiters were nice and weren’t shy to make jokes. I tried a Romanian Chardonnay and we shared a starter and one of the products inspired by the Italian cuisine.

The second time I went there with my better half, but I have to admit Paine si Vin was not our first choice. Somehow, out steps took us there … and I was so happy they did 🙂 We took advantage of the nice weather and sat on the small terrace outside. Surrounded by many foreign tourists it almost started to feel like a vacation. Out in the back, some Italians were enjoying a meal and in my front, there was a group of English and French tourists.  We chose from the same categories, starters and italian-inspired, but this time I tried other dishes, as tasty as my first choice. The restaurant is called “Bread and Wine” but this time I chose a Blind Pig cider to go along with my food. Thinking about a nice vacation, I chose to also try a side of jamon de Mangalica, the Romanian version of the more famous jamon Serrano from Spain. The base is the same, but the taste is quite different. Give our Romanian version of the jamon a try if you ever eat at Paine si Vin, I am already craving a side of jamon as I am writing this. The  Mangalitsa or Mangalica pork meat is considered to be a more healthy alternative to regular pork meat.

I was fortunate enough to have room for dessert. There are not many choices, but all of the dishes seem delicious. I chose a lemon curd and boy was I inspired. I don’t even know how to describe it … an explosion of fresh and sweet aromas, one of the best desserts I had in Bucharest. And I am a huge dessert fan so you have to trust my word when I tell you this. Sweet and sour at the same time, with a fresh and delicate texture. Combined wth a side of biscotti and strawberries it was the perfect ending for an amazing dinner.

Lemon Curd

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: PAINE SI VIN”

  1. I do not like large cities so haven’t been to București for few years despite visiting Romania every summer. But this year I may make the trip to meet up with a good blogging friend who I’ve never met. I’ll bear your recommendation in mind if I do so thanks for that. I never now eat in restaurants serving Romanian food as they cannot better the cooking of my mother in law and many friends.

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    1. If you do come to Bucharest I hope you will enjoy it. I don’t know what your scheduled plan is but try to come in August, many of the locals are on vacation then. On the downside, summers are very hot in Bucharest. But there are many positive things, as Bucharest has many options to visit and even more options when it comes to food 🙂

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      1. I used to come a lot in 1993/94 for the voluntary project I was then involved in so visited many, if not most, of the museums etc and, of course, the parks. Many changes now of course. In more recent years, before we began to drive it, it has only been a quick dash from Otopeni to Gara de Nord!
        If I make it this year it will be only for a day, coming down from the north on the overnight train and going back on the night train. I might well arrange to meet my blogger friend Iulia in Herestrau (hope I’ve got the spelling right). It would certainly be in August; I remember the heat very well but I am fortunate as I don’t mind it – I just move very slowly and drink a lot of ‘limonada cu menta’. (-: (-:

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