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Mykonos ofera multe plaje incantatoare, de la cele ascunse si mai putin frecventate, la cele luxoase, unde un sezlong pleaca de la 50 de euro in sus. Loc este pentru toata lumea, indiferent de gusturi si asteptari.

Noi am fost lenesi si din varietatea de plaje, printre plimbarile pe Delos sau in oras, am mers doar la plaja Platis Gialos, chiar langa hotelul nostru.

Mykonos offers many lovely beaches, from hidden gems, not over-crowded to luxurious ones, where you can get a sunbed for 50 euros and even more. There is a place for everyone, no matter the expectations.

We were lazy and between our walks in Mykonos Town and  Delos, we only visited the Platis Gialos beach located close to our hotel.

Platis Gialos Beach

Aceasta este recunoscuta ca fiind una dintre cele mai frumoase plaje de pe insula, pe buna dreptate, am descoperit noi. Apa este lina, albastra si curata. Plaja ofera sezlonguri dar la ambele capete sunt si zone gratis, pentru cei ce vor sa vina cu prosopul si umbrela lor. Ca idee, de aici puteti lua un taxi pe apa, care pentru 10 euro va poate duce intr-o clipa la alte plaje. This place is listed as one of the top beaches in Mykonos, and with good reason, we discovered. The water is clear and so so blue. This beach offers sunbeds but at both ends of the beach, there is a small portion free of charge. You can also take water taxis from here, a ticket costs 10 euros and it will take you to other Mykonos beaches in no time.


Aveti de unde sa va alegeti locul, cu muzica sau fara, cu oferte de pranz sau fara … mai ieftine sau mai scumpe. Noi am alternat intre doua locatii aici, cumva aflate la extrema. Pentru zilele in care am vrut sa fim rasfatati si am fost dispusi sa platim putin mai mult am ales plaja Branco, a hotelului cu acelasi nume. Aici doua sezlonguri pleaca de la 60 de euro in ultimul rand si sar bine de 100 de euro pentru cele amplasate in prima linie. Bautura si mancarea, care pot fi servite direct pe plaja sunt desigur la fel de scumpe. Plaja ofera prosoape gratis si sticlele de apa sunt din partea casei. Cei care lucreaza aici pe plaja sunt atenti si gata sa va serveasca imediat cum schitati cel mai mic gest. Veti asculta muzica toata ziua, iar uneori dupa ora 5 sunt concerte live, in functie de zi. Daca preferati sa ascultati muzica si nu valurile marii atunci va recomand un loc mai in spate. You have many places to choose from, with or without music, with or without lunch … cheaper or more on the expensive side. We alternated between two totally different locations here, two extremes we could say. During the days we were feeling a bit fancy, we went to Branco beach (in front of the Branco hotel). Here, two sunbeds cost 60 euros, in the back rows and go past 100 euros for the ones in the front line. You can serve drinks and food on the beach, but of course, they come at a higher price. Once you arrive at the beach, you get free towels and water. The staff working here is very customer oriented, ready to serve you immediately. You will listen to music all day long, and sometimes even live music after 5 PM. If you rather listen to music and not hear the sea waves, book a sunbed in the back rows, it’s where you will be able to hear the best.


In restul zilelor am tras la plaja Yalo-Yalo, unde un sezlong pozitionat oriunde pe plaja (primul venit primul servit) costa 10 euro (preturile sunt valabile pentru inceputul lui iulie, cu siguranta acum veti plati peste tot mai mult, pentru ca incepand cu 15 iulie, incepe partea cea mai aglomerata a sezonului in Mykonos). Pe noi ne-a convins Giovanni sa ne petrecem ziua la plaja, un grec simpatic, care vorbeste mai multe limbi straine, inclusiv romana de baza. Si aici puteti manca si bea pe plaja la preturi mult mai rezonabile. Si la Yalo-Yalo (care inseamna la margina marii in greaca) staff-ul isi da tot interesul ca turistii sa se simta bine, numai ca atmosfera e mult mai relaxata decat la Branco. Muzica nu este chiar aici, dar se aude de la plaja hotelului alaturat, Kosmoplaz . During the other days, we went to Yalo-Yalo beach, where a sunbed located anywhere on the beach (first come first served) costs 10 euros (the prices are available for the beginning of July, as the season peak starts in Mykonos on July 15, be prepared to pay a bit more). Giovanni, a very sociable greek who speaks more foreign languages, including basic Romanian, convinced us to stay at Yalo-Yalo beach. Here too you can eat and drink on the beach, and the prices are more reasonable. The staff at Yalo-Yalo (seaside in Greek) is also very customer-oriented and have the tourists’ best interest in mind, also the atmosphere is more laid back than at Branco beach. There is no music here, but you can hear what the DJ from the neighbor hotel, Kosmoplaz, is playing.


Imi e tare dor de Platis Gialos, apa e numai buna de inotat, intrarea in apa nu este deloc abrupta, insa trebuie sa aveti grija pentru ca pe o portiune mica sunt si bolovani in apa. Daca pasiti atent nu aveti insa cum sa va loviti, apoi eveti ajunge la portiunea intinsa de nisip. Aici e montat si un ponton mic de pe care puteti sari in apa. Noi am dat in mintea copiilor si ne-am distrat acolo de minune 🙂 I miss Platis Gialos so much, the water is great for a swim, and the water entry is very lean, be careful though, as there is a small portion with boulders in the water. if you pay close attention to where you step, you cannot get yourself injured, after this, you reach the fine sand. There is also a small plastic dock where we had lost of fun by jumping in the water, we were feeling just like children again 🙂


In aceeasi zona va puteti petrece si serile daca vreti. Sunt multe restaurante chiar pe plaja. In serile in care nu am mancat in oras, ne-am simtit foarte bine la Platis Gialos. Va recomand sa nu ratati o masa la Avli Tou Thodori, un restaurant grecesc unde va veti simti ca acasa. Daca aveti noroc, puteti prinde o masa pe plaja, sau cu vedere la mare. Mancarea a fost delicioasa, poate chiar cea mai buna din Mykonos, iar desertul special de aici, niste gogosele aromate cu scortisoara, care vin cu Nutella si inghetata sunt de vis. You can also spend the evenings here if you like. There are many restaurants to choose from, located right on the beach. During the evenings we were too lazy to go to town, we enjoyed the time spent here. I recommend you Avli Tou Thodori, a Greek restaurant where you will feel right at home. If you are lucky, you can eat at a table right on the beach, or enjoy the sea view. The food was delicious, maybe even the tastiest we had on Mykonos, and the small doughnut dessert served with cinnamon, ice cream and Nutella was to die for.


Am incercat si restaurantul Blue Myth, unde gazdele ne-au invitat sa luam loc la “cea mai buna masa a localului” … si nu ne-au pacalit deloc, avand in vedere privelistea fantastica de care ne-am bucurat. Si aici mancarea a fost la fel de delicioasa, insa atmosfera a fost putin mai rece. De aici va recomand tot un desert traditional, baklava cu inghetata. We also dined at Blue Myth, where the hosts invited us to take a seat at “the best table in the house” … and they were not kidding at all considering the lovely view we enjoyed. Here too the food was very tasty, but the atmosphere was colder and a bit more serious. I will also recommend you a traditional dessert, try the baklava and ice cream and you will not be sorry.




  1. An interesting post to read though, as I am not in any way a ‘beach person’, I would never choose to go there or any other seaside (except for the Yorkshire coast and some other coasts in UK where I go for the scenery and/or the birds, not to sunbathe). Travelling I will always choose the Romanian Bucovina mountains where, family duties in the city – Iasi – done, I will return to in a day or two.

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    1. I love the sea and the mountains, but in the summer I always choose a sea destination and if I have some more time I will also go to the mountains. Growing up I always used to spend my vacations in Romania and I was truly lucky as we have beaches and amazing mountains. Strangely enough, as I grew up in the south, I never visited Bucovina, but that is on my list 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Pacat! 😃. I’m amazed how many Romanians tell me they have never been to the Bucovina, including a very good blogging friend living in Bucuresti. If they do gonto the mountains they, like so many foreign tourists, gonto Transylvania. I’m lucky anoughbto have visited amost every part of Romania but will always choose Bucovina. In fact now I am thinking about buying a small house there.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I love reading your kind words about Romania, as a local, things do not always look so bright here, from my perspective. My foreign friends, co-workers or bloggers always remind me this place is special. I hope you do get a house here, to make it your second home.


  2. I spent a few days in Mykonos many years ago and truly loved the island. Living in the Caribbean it is very difficult to understand the habit of having to pay to be on the beach. Blows my mind.

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    1. I perfectly see where you are coming from. It would be a dream to live somewhere near the beach. And besides the obvious economic reason, here is another one for which people pay to be on a beach: they love it so much that they are willing to. I would too, because living close to a beach would instantly improve my life. Life’s truly a “beach” for not making the seaside more accessible. Thank you for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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