Bucharest, My Home, Romania


Post available in English and Romanian
O data pe an, orasul meu se umple de lumina si ofera imagini spectaculoase. Edilii orasului incearca sa compenseze cumva pentru multele probleme de care ne lovim. Pun o masca deasupra orasului si matura mizeria sub covor. Tactica frunctioneaza si cel putin o data pe an vedem Bucurestiul intr-o lumina diferita. Luminitele se vor stinge in curand, asa ca e pacat sa nu le vedeti si voi. Once a year, my hometown lights up and shines offering spectacular views. The town officials try to compensate for the many issues we are facing by putting on a mask and dusting the dirt under the rug. The thing is … this really works and each year we see this town in a better light (pun intended). So let me guide you through Bucharest before the pretty lights turn off.

In cartierul meu am un parc micut, care an de an este plin de lumina si impodobit de Craciun, pentru cateva zile devine un loc de poveste. As for the neighborhood that I am living in, we have a lovely park there that each year is filled with light and pretty decorations.


  1. It is certainly beautiful (as is another major Romanian city, Iasi, which I know rather better) but what a pity that some of that light cannot expose the sins of your government and, better, lead to a better life for the majority of Romanians.

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