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Titlul descrie perfect felul in care a aratat zborul nostru spre Roma. De la fereastra avionului zapada cazuta in aproape intreaga Europa arata ca zaharul pudra pe o prajitura. The title describes perfectly how our flight to Rome looked like. From the airplane window, the fallen snow across Europe looked just like powdered sugar on a cake.


Mai tarziu, totul s-a transformat in cativa nori pufosi, care semanau mai degraba cu vata de zabar ars. Later on, it all turned into fluffy clouds resembling the most with some delicious cotton candy.


Surpriza a venit spre finalul zborului, cand m-am uitat pe fereastra si am fost martora unui fenomen minunat, care uneori apare si pe munte, nu numai in timpul unui zbor si se numeste spectru. Umbra avionului a fost incercuita de un minunat curcubeu, provocat de conditiile atmosferice din timpul zborului. Pana am apucat sa imi iau telefonul ca sa fac poze mai clare fenomenul s-a mai disipat, dar am reusit totusi sa ii capturez esenta. The surprise came towards the end of our flight when I glanced out the window and saw the amazing phenomenon called Pilot’s Glory. This happens when the airplane’s shadow is circled by a colorful, circular optical phenomenon resembling a rainbow caused by water droplets scattering light. Until I grabbed my phone the phenomenon slowly faded away, but I still was able to grab some decent pictures.


Cat de curand voi posta si despre aventurile mele din Roma. As soon as possible I will also post about my adventures in Rome.




  1. I’d never heard the term ‘pilot’s glory’ before but it is the same phenomenon as the ‘Brocken spectre’, named after the Brocken in Germany; with that the circular rainbow around the spectre is known as the ‘glory’ At last year’s Ilkley Literature Festival our writers’ club did a ‘show’ combining writing and music inspired by a photo taken by club member Bob Hamilton. I was given a picture of a Brocken spectre on Ilkley moor and wrote a ‘poem’, part in Yorkshire dialect, a parody of a Lewis Carroll poem. If you’re interested you’ll find it, with ‘translation’, at https://wp.me/pkm0h-1Vo .

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    1. Yes, it is the Brocken spectre indeed. And I knew about the phenomenon from the Carpathian Mountains. There are a few places where given the right conditions it manifests. I always wanted to see one. On the mountain, in the clouds, wherever!

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