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Am inceput turul Romei antice, cu o vizita la Forumul Imperial. Ruinele romane sunt chiar langa Piazza Venezia si pot fi admirate gratis din strada. Am gasit aici si celebra Columna a lui Traian despre care sunt sigura ca ati invatat la orele de istorie si care ne spune povestea nasterii poporului roman. We started our Ancient Rome tour with a visit to the Imperial Forum. The Roman ruins are located next to Piazza Venezia, and you can only visit them from the street. We admired the majestic ruins and also Trajan’s Column, which basically depicts how the Romanian people was born.

Monumentul Victor Emanuel II este si el aici. Pentru 10 euro puteti lua liftul pana pe acoperis, de unde privelistea este uimitoare. The Vittorio Emmanuele II monument is also located here. For 10 euros you can take an elevator ride up to the roof and admire Rome from above.
De aici am mers la dealul Capitol, unde am gasit celebra statuie a lupoaicei (in piata este expusa doar o copie) si Piazza Campidoglio, care a fost construita de Michelangelo. From here we also took a detour to Capitol Hill, to admire the Lupa Capitolina (only a copy in the square) and Piazza del Campidoglio, built by Michelangelo.
Lupa Capitolina
Lupa Capitolina
Apoi am luat autobuzul ca sa mergem la Colosseumul din zilele noastre: Stadionul Olimpico, la un meci de fotbal: AS Roma – Torino. A fost un spectacol de la inceput pana la sfarsit, cu 5 goluri, ca mai niciodata in Italia si suporteri fenomenali. After this we took a bus and headed to the modern days Colosseum: Olimpico Stadium, to watch a football match: AS Roma – FC Turin. It was a spectacle from the beginning to end, with 5 goals and an amazing crowd.


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