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…and don’t let get that choice go to waste. Make your voice heard, now and in the following elections.


  1. I cannot of course vote in ‘your’ election but I will be joining the queue with my wife Petronela who I am taking to Leeds so she can vote. This seems to me the most important vote ever for Romanians since I fell in love with your country and its people 26 years ago! Succes!

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    1. I hope the lines won’t be huge there. In some places, there are hundreds of people waiting. In the past years, the voting presence was at a historic low. I am glad people are starting to understand each vote counts and start to remember we did not always have the privilege to vote.

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      1. 6.3/4 hours in the queue. Petronela was able to vote just 15 minutes before the voting closed. I estimate that at least 100 people would have been left outside. Many more in, eg, Birmingham. It seems to me that the Romanian Government made sure that it was as difficult as possible to vote, knowing that by far the majority would be voting, in one way or another, contra PSD.
        Very impressive how, at last, Romanians were determined to get rid of corruption in the political class by exercising their right to vote.
        Great ‘story’ from Munich!


      2. So happy she got to vote, I was amazed by how everyone rallied outside the borders. I am so sorry for those who spend hours in lines for nothing. Yes, they made sure people will not vote, as they also did a few years back. I hope it will be the last time this happens … but we Romanians, especially the ones here at home, tend to forget really fast. A vote for the EU is nothing if they do not do the same for the presidential elections and most importantly, the governmental ones. At least the first step has been made 🙂 here’s for a less corrupted future.

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      3. I agree completely; it’s a first step but it MUST be repeated in the governmental elections. Leaving all those people outside without voting was disgraceful. There are five months to introduce electronic voting when such a thing could not happen!

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