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E pacat sa zbori pana in Mallorca si sa nu vizitezi si capitala orasului, Palma de Mallorca. O sa descoperiti un oras vibrant, care are o poveste de spus la fiecare colt. Turisti curiosi bat strazile in lung si in lat un cautarea unui loc trendy ca sa manance sau sa bea ceva, sau cauta cele mai apropiate plaje. Localnicii sunt obisnuiti cu furnicarul din sezon si isi fac linistiti drum spre munca sau pe unde au ei drum pe strazile aglomerate din Palma de Mallorca.

Noi am facut o vizita de o zi in acest frumos oras, care are atat de multe de oferit incat nu am reusit sa ajungem peste tot, dar iata care sunt cele mai importate obiective turistice.

It’s a shame to fly to Mallorca and not pay a visit to the island’s capital city, Palma de Mallorca. You’ll discover a vibrant city, with pieces of history hidden at every corner. Curious tourists are roaming the streets in search of a trendy place to eat or have a drink or looking for the best beach to get a nice tan. The locals are already used with the seasonal visitors and are heading peacefully to work or they are running errands on the busy streets of Palma. 

We dedicated a day to visit this beautiful city, and while it has so many to offer, here are a few things that you should not miss if you are planning a short visit to Palma de Mallorca.

Bellver Castle (3)
Palma de Mallorca

  • Catedrala Santa Maria, sau La Seu, catedrala impunatoare, una dintre cele mai inalte din Europa.
  • Palatul regal La Almudaina, pe care il gasiti chiar langa catedrala. Almudaina inseamna fortareata si vine din araba.
  • Cartierul arab, cu strazile lui inguste, ca un labirint, chiar in spatele palatului si catedralei. Vizitati daca aveti timp si baile arabesti.
  • In apropiere de aceste obiective se afla si Portul din Palma. Iar pentru o repriza de cumparaturi, cea mai populara locatie peste Porto Pi.
  • Castelul Bellver, care ofera o priveliste spectaculoasa asupra insulei. Daca nu mergeti cu masina este si o ocazie buna sa faceti o plimbare scurta pe la pas.
  • Nu ratati pietonalele din centru si o plimbare pe strazile inguste din centru, unde veti gasi si cateva dintre cele mai recomandate baruri si restaurante din oras, si multe magazine celebre la fiecare pas.
  • Puteti sa conectati toate aceste puncte populare cu autobuzul turistic, in care puteti asculta si istoria orasului si va ajuta sa ajungeti mai repede dintr-un loc in altul.
  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria, an imposing gothic cathedral, one of the tallest in Europe.
  • The Royal Palace, La Almudaina, right next to the Cathedral. Almudaina means fortress. The word has Arabic roots.
  • The Arabic quarter with its narrow and intricate streets, located behind the Palace and Cathedral. If you have time, visit the Arab Baths.
  • Close to these objectives you can also find the Port. For a round of shopping, the most popular location is Poto Pi, a commercial center.
  • Bellver Castle, which offers an amazing perspective over the island. If you don’t take a car there, it’s also a perfect opportunity for a short hike.
  • Take a walk on the pedestrian in the center and on the narrow streets of the city, where you will find some of the most popular restaurants and bars, but also many shops waiting for you to buy a souvenir.
  • You can connect all the popular sites by taking the touristic bus that can also help you learn the history of the city and help you travel fast between all these amazing locations Palma has to offer.


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