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Acest text este continuarea articolului Longing

Traiesc cu impresia ca pentru majoritatea oamenilor fericirea este ceva asemanator cu fata morgana. Este o iluzie care le arata cea mai frumoasa fantezie a lor, insa atunci cand incearca sa ajunga la ea, dispare ca din senin. Daca ma uit in jur, vad ca fericirea are o definitie diferita pentru fiecare dintre noi, iar acest lucru este perfect normal. Insa pentru multi dintre noi, fericirea este un concept nerealist. Munti de bani, mult timp liber, calatorii cat cuprinde si relaxare maxima. Stiti voi, fix cum vedeti in conturile acelea de pe Insta. Fericirea a ajuns ca o opera de arta care sta intr-un muzeu si este admirata, dar este prea scumpa ca sa fie cumparata. Asa ca platim bilete ca sa ne uitam la ea pentru cateva minute si apoi continuam sa ne vedem de viata noastra trista.

This post is a continuation of Longing

I feel that for most people, happiness is something similar to a fata morgana illusion. It’s right there in front of them, displaying the most beautiful fantasy, but when they reach out to grab it, poof! It just disappears! If I stop and look around, happiness has a different definition for each one of us, and that’s perfectly normal. But for many of us, happiness is also unrealistic. It involves a great amount of money, lots of free time, visiting cool places, and chilling all the time. You know, just like that perfect Instagram account you follow. Happiness is like an expensive art piece that belongs in a gallery only to be admired, too expensive to take home. So you pay a ticket to stare at it for a few minutes and then mind your own sad business.

Parca atunci cand eram mica lumea era mai simpla si la fel era si drumul spre fericire. Oamenii petreceau mai mult timp impreuna la un pranz, sau la cina, nu doar pe internet. Si erau mai cinstiti atunci cand isi impartaseau vietile si gandurile: #farafiltru. Am invatat dupa ce si eu m-am lovit de asteptarile mele nerealiste ca fericirea e de fapt simplitate. Dupa ce viata te loveste in plin si de darama de doua trei ori, iti dai seama ca poti gasi fericirea la fiecare pas pe care il faci. Si da, uneori nu am chef sa stau ore intregi la birou sau in trafic, dar acum vad aceste momente ca pe niste caramizi care imi paveaza drumul spre urmatorul moment de fericire: de exemplu cand ajung iarna acasa la caldura si la o cina delicioasa, si ma bucur simplu de acel moment, fara sa ma gandesc la sedinta de a doua zi; pot considera si ca fiecare moment petrecut la munca este de fapt o mica investitie in urmatoarea vacanta. Si data tot sunt la munca, ma bucur de o conversatie placuta cu colegii sau doar de faptul ca pot admira peisajul de afara pentru cateva minute. I feel like when I was growing up, the world was simpler, and so was this pursuit of happiness. People would spend more time connecting over lunch or dinner, and not just over the internet. And they were more honest when they were sharing their lives and thoughts: #nofilter. I learned over the years, while also facing my unrealistic expectations, that happiness is simplicity. After life punches you two or three times right in the face and knocks you over, you kinda begin to see that you can find pieces of happiness with every small step you take. And yes, I sometimes dread the long office hours and sitting around in traffic, but now I see these moments like bricks that pave the way to my next happy moment: coming home during the winter to a warm place and a nice cozy dinner, and living right there in that moment, without thinking about my meeting tomorrow; or saving money for my next vacation with every moment that I spend in the office. And while I am there, I enjoy taking time to have a pleasant conversation with a colleague or just staring at the view from my office window for a few minutes.
This office view is way cooler than my actual view 🙂
Daca stai sa te gandesti, bogatia nu inseamna fericire constanta, niciun CEO nu termina o zi cu un zambet constant pe chip. Cei care au afacerea lor nu au un sef, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu au si griji. De fapt cred ca intr-un fel sunt mult mai stresati, pentru ca trebuie sa produca nu doar pentru ei, ci si pentru angajatii lor. Si vacantele din viata unui patron sau manager sunt cu siguranta mult mai rare. Gasim peste tot in jurul nostru bucatele din acest puzzle care este fericirea. Trebuie doar sa invatam sa le alegem pe cele potrivite pentru noi si sa le asamblam zi de zi fara sa ne uitam la cum arata puzzle-ul celor din jur. Just remember that not every rich person is constantly happy, no CEO goes through the day with a constant smile on its face. Business owners are not undisturbed every day just because they do not have a boss. In fact I believe they lead a more stressful life, not only do they provide for themselves, but they also have employees to think about. And vacations in the life of a business owner or any boss can be a rare thing. Pieces of the puzzle that is happiness are all around us. We just have to learn to pick the right ones for us and put them together every day without staring at what others are piecing together for themselves.


  1. Well said! My happiest moments are also the simplest ones, when I’m cut off from the constant comparisons of the internet. Also, as you mentioned, there are moments of happiness in every day, as long as we’re able to recognize them. For instance, I’m listening to Pearl Jam as a write this, and Pearl Jam = happiness 🙂

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  2. ” After life punches you two or three times right in the face and knocks you over, you kinda begin to see that you can find pieces of happiness with every small step you take. ”

    Bingo !!

    It is these punches that put life and everything that comes with it, in perspective !!

    In today’s times, it’s a great privilege to be able to find happiness in small things !!

    Cheers to the challenges that have made us what we are 🍾🤗

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