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Avem tendinta sa ne gandim mereu la ce urmeaza, in loc sa ne contentram la prezent. Cand suntem la munca, numaram zilele ramase pana la weekend. Cand suntem la supermarket, ne gandim cum sa ajungem mai repede acasa. Cand suntem plictisiti, ne gandim la urmatoarea vacanta, si exemplele pot continua. Viata este alcatuita din momente plictisitoare, captivante, bune, rele, toate emotiile pozitive si negative, care creeaza un cocktail unic pentru fiecare. In loc sa ne gandim care va fi urmatoarea “bautura”, ar trebui sa ne concentram pe gustul fiecarei inghitituri, cu toate aromele ei.

We always tend to think about what’s coming next instead of focusing on the present moment. When we are at work, we count the days left until the weekend. When we are at the supermarket, we only think about how we can get home faster. When we are bored, we think about our next vacation, and the examples could keep on coming. Life is made up of dull, exciting, good, bad, all of the existing emotions, a positive and negative mix, to create a unique cocktail for each one of us. Instead of thinking about what the next “drink” will be, we should focus on tasting each sip, with all the flavors. 

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Uneori, in timp ce sunt la munca, incep sa ma gandesc la urmatoarea vacanta, sau la un alt moment important care urmeaza in curand, dar de fiecare data incerc sa ma concentrez la activitatea mea din acea clipa. Nu este in regula sa te gandesti constant doar la urmatoarele lucruri mimuntate, pentru ca risti sa nu mai traiesti deloc. Daca ai aduna numai momentele fericite, perfecte, doar experientele uimitoare din viata ta, cate zile, saptamani, luni sau ani ar insuma ele? La 30 de ani, poate as aduna 5 ani, daca sunt norocoasa. Acesta este motivul pentru care cred ca e important sa traim viata din plin, nu doar in weekend, in vacante sau dupa munca.

I catch myself at work, dreaming about an upcoming vacation, or another exciting thing that is coming up in the next days, but each time I try to rewire my brain to focus on what I am doing right at that instant. It’s not ok to constantly think only about the most exciting things in life because sometimes this type of thinking leads to not live at all. If you sum up only the happy, perfect, amazing experiences of your life, how many days, weeks, months, or years would be? II guess that instead of being in my 30’s, I would maybe sum 5 years if I am lucky. That’s why I believe it’s important to live life to the fullest, not just during the weekends, vacations, or after work.

3 thoughts on “LIVE IN THE NOW”

  1. Scientifically, this need to constantly search for the next “high” because the brain loves DOPAMINE and every such “high” releases high levels of dopamine which is as good as an addiction.

    Its amazing how you are so mindful that you actually catch yourself dreaming about the next “high” and then pull yourself back. And also accept the fact that life is not just the “highs” and “good times” but also the “low” and “difficut” times !!

    Trust me, there aren’t many who believe and live by this philosophy !!
    Cheers !!

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    1. Being grateful for the positive things in my life, even when nothing spectacular is going on has made me a better person, and much happier. I also have learned that sometimes, bad things can lead to a bright path. It’s easier to look at the better side of life if you care enough to learn some lessons along the way. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!

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