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Este incredibil cat de repede s-a schimbat felul in care traim, in mai putin de cateva saptamani. Acum o luna, tocmai ma intorceam dintr-o calatorie la Madrid. Totul mergea perfect la munca si deja imi planuiam urmatoarea vacanta. Acum, ma simt ca si cand m-am trezit intr-un univers paralel, in viata altcuiva.

It’s strange how quickly life took a turn this year. A month ago, I was just returning from a perfect trip to Madrid. Things were moving along smoothly at work, and I was planning the next vacation. Now, it’s like I woke up in a parallel universe, walking in another person’s shoes.

Photo by Mark Arron Smith on Pexels.com

Momentan lucrez de acasa. Deocamdata nu sunt semne ca ar fi probleme in domeniul in care lucrez, dar nimeni nu poate garanta siguranta locului de munca acum. Incerc sa nu ma gandesc prea mult la acest lucru si sa ma obisnuiesc cu noul mod de viata.

Sunt destul de ocupata cu munca, asa ca nu am prea mult timp sa incerc un hobby nou sau sa imi organizez apartamentul, dar imi gasesc cate ceva de facut de fiecare data cand am timp la dispozitie. Am cat mai multe activitati, ca sa nu ma gandesc prea mult la tot ce se intampla acum in lume. Citesc biografii in mare parte, pentru ca nu vreau sa citesc carti mai dramatice. Urmaresc comedii online si ma rasfat la spa in baie. Pentru linistea mea, prefer sa urmaresc de doua ori pe zi stirile si in rest sa ascult muzica, sau sa schimb total atmosfera cu sunete relaxante de pe internet. Viata pare sa treaca incet-incet pe langa noi, in timp ce stam inchisi in casa din cauza noului coronavirus, dar incerc sa fac ceva dragut pentru mine in fiecare zi, chiar daca este un lucru mic, cum ar fi o cana de cafea buna, sau o discutie online cu prietenele mele. Voi cum v-ati schimbat viata zilele acestea?

I am working from home right now. For the moment, there seems to be no problem with my workplace. But it’s not a given that things will not change at some moment, in the near or far future. I try not to think too much about this, and adjust to this new way of living.

Work is keeping me pretty busy, and I don’t have much time to pick up a new hobby or organize my apartment, but I try to do small things around my home whenever I have some free time available. It’s important to keep busy, to not think about too much about what’s going on in the world right now. I am reading mostly biographies because I am not in the mood for any drama books. I watch comedies online or find some time to pamper myself at the spa in my bathroom. One thing that really makes me happy is turning off the news (I watch them once or twice a day, but not more) and put on some music, or transform my environment completely by turning on in the background some relaxing soundscapes. Life seems to pass by as my country is in lockdown because of the new coronavirus, but I try each day to do something nice for myself, even if it’s as small as a delicious cup of coffee, or a chat with my friends. How is life for you these days?


  1. Petronela and I have been told we both must stay in our flat for 12 weeks (beginning 28 March), perhaps longer. Reading blogs I follow (including yours) is one activity keeping me sane; upping my frequency of writing posts is another. As our local writers’ club meetings have managed to keep going via video chat on Messenger this gives me more, including my written contributions read as usual at the meeting, to blog about.
    I’m having a go at playing the piano badly again, rather than horribly as a result of hardly touching the keyboard in the past two years or more.
    I too limit my listening to the news. I do listen each day to the UK Government’s daily Press conference which just shows how unreliable the reported news is, the questions often seeking sensation rather than truth and many journalists just not listening.
    Stay safe.


    1. I am working from home (started three weeks ago) and my only outside trips were to the supermarket. It’s such a weird feeling to live like this. I am lucky that the internet connection is holding up and I can work. I wish I had more time to write or read, but it’s been busier than the regulad days at the office. It’s a good thing we have our internet connextions to keep in touch and plan different activities. I would have loved to have a bit more time, seems like everyone is invested into a hobby or trying to revive a forgotten skill, while I am stuck in meetings most of the time. Still, I am grateful to have a job for the moment. Stay safe too and take care. I hope this will pass as quikcky as it came along!


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