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De cand a inceput criza COVID-19, pentru multi a fost din ce in ce mai greu sa distanteze viata personala de cea profesionala. Angajatii care pot lucra de acasa au inceput sa se adapteze la noua normalitate. Beneficiile, cel putin pentru mine sunt multe. Imi place ca ajung din dormitor la birou in doar cinci minute. La revedere, mijloace de transport aglomerate! Alte beneficii includ programul flexibil, sentimentul de siguranta de acasa si haine comode.

Sunt si persoane care isi pierd repede concentrarea acasa. Iata cum ma descurc eu.

Balancing personal and work life has never been harder since the COVID-19 crisis started. The employees that can perform their jobs from home started to slowly adjust to the new normal. The benefits, at least for me, are many. My favorite perk is being able to travel from my bedroom to my office in no more than five minutes. So long, pesky commute! Other benefits include a more flexible schedule, the safe feeling of your own home, or a comfy outfit.

But some people can get easily distracted by this familiar environment. Here’s how I remain focused.

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  • Iau cate o pauza atunci cand simt ca nu ma mai pot concentra. E OK sa citesti stirile, sa intri pe social media sau sa vorbesti cu un prieten.
  • Am rutina mea pe care o respect. Ma trezesc la aceeasi ora, beau cafeaua, particip la sedintele de dimineata si pana la pranz rezolv o parte din probleme. Dupa ce mananc ceva, revin la birou sa imi termin munca.
  • Inainte sa inchei ziua, imi fac o lista cu ce am de facut. A doua zi tai sau adaug lucruri. Eu prefer sa incep cu ce e mai greu, dar si in ordine inversa e la fel de bine.
  • Ma concentrez pe ce am de facut mai ales daca am ceva urgent de terminat si am vointa necesara sa nu ma intrerup din lucru.
  • Am un al doilea monitor. Acesta m-a ajutat enorm in aceasta perioada, mai ales ca eu scriu si editez foarte mult.
  • E bine sa iti tragi putin sufletul. O pauza de cafea sau tigara sunt binevenite din cand in cand. Cel putin o data pe ora e bine sa ne ridicam de la birou si putem sa facem si cateva exercitii, ca sa punem sangele in miscare.
  • Daca aveti o casa mai mare, una dintre camere poate fi folosita pe post de birou, asa intrati mai usor in atmosfera de lucru. Sau macar sa aveti un birou, asa veti fi mult mai productivi decat atunci cand lucrati de pe canapea sau din pat.
  • I take a break whenever I feel like I am losing focus. It’s OK to read the news, browse social media, or take a quick call with a friend.
  • I stick to a routine. I wake up at the same time, drink my coffee, attend my morning meetings, and get some things out of my way until lunch. After I eat something, I go back to finish the rest of my tasks.
  • I set up a to-do list for the next day before I log off work. The next morning I cross or add things to my list. I prefer to get the harder things out of the way first, but the other way around is just as good.
  • I focus on the task at hand, and if there’s an urgent task, I use my willpower to get it done without any distractions.
  • I have a second monitor. It has been a lifesaver for me, especially since I write and edit stuff.
  • Distractions are fine. It’s OK to take a coffee or smoking break from time to time. Make sure you stand up from your desk for a few minutes each hour. You can also do some stretches.
  • If your home is big enough, you can have a designed office room, this will create a work-place atmosphere. Or just a desk in a corner. You will be more productive while sitting at a desk, instead of lounging on the couch, or in bed.

7 thoughts on “FOCUS ON WORK, FROM HOME”

  1. I have set up my little art studio off my lounge then when the family is in the lounge I get to share in the family but my writing room is separated in a little study so that I have no distraction. It was nice reading your thoughts.

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    1. Having a dedicated space is indeed the ideal situation, you can set some boundaries during working hours and be focused on the task at hand. Thank you for stopping by and telling me what you think about this post. You brought a smile on my face 🙂

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