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It’s the Little Things

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Scriam in urma cu putina vreme despre recunostinta, o viata pe modul incet si mai relaxata, si despre faptul ca ar trebui sa apreciem mai mult chiar si bucuriile marunte ale vietii. Gandesc asa inainte sa inceapa pandemia de Covid-19. Dupa aceasta perioada, in care am stat inchisi in case si am fost cumva fortati sa o luam mai incet am vazut multi oameni care au inceput sa aprecieze si lucrurile mici, libertatile pe care le avem si pe care ni le permitem zilnic. Sa iesim fara probleme pe usa la o plimbare, sau la alergare, sa vizitam un prieten, ca sa nu mai vorbim despre o vacanta peste hotare. Toate acestea le luam de bune, ni se datorau. Sper ca lectiile pe care l-am invatat in aceasta perioada sa ramana in memoria noastra mult timp de acum inainte. Mi-as dori sa fim cu totii mai impacati cu vietile, libertatile si oportunitatile noastre, pe langa problemele pe care le avem.

Am inchis ochii si m-am gandit la cele mai frumoase sentimente si momente din lume, chiar daca unii poate le-ar considera banale:

I was writing in some of my latest posts about grateful living, slow living, and truly appreciating even the smallest sweet things that life throws at us. This manner of thinking came to me naturally, before the Covid-19 pandemic began. After this period, when we were all confined and forced to take it slow, I saw many people that started to appreciate the small things, the liberties we have and take each day. These liberties, for example, being able to open the door and go for a walk or a run anytime, no strings attached or taking the time to visit a friend, not to mention traveling to a different country, were taken for granted by many. Somehow, I hope that the lessons we learned from this pandemic will stick in the long run. I wish we would all be more at peace with our lives and our liberties and opportunities, even if we all have our problems and hardships.

I closed my eyes and thought of some of the most beautiful feelings and moments in the world, even if some would consider them mundane:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • Mirosul ploii vara.
  • Acel miros cand marea e foarte aproape de tine, dar inca nu o vezi, insa o poti mirosi si aproape ca o poti gusta.
  • O briza de vant racoros in timpul unei zile caniculare.
  • Sa stai confortabil in pat cand afara e furtuna si sa asculti ploaia si tunetele.
  • Diminetile din copilarie cand inca eram in pat, dar o auzeam pe mama in bucatarie in timp ce pregatea micul dejun. Mirosul de cafea proaspata si sunetul de tacamuri.
  • Cand imi scot sutienul dupa o zi foarte lunga.
  • Cand ma bag in pat cu asternuturi curate (bonus daca esti si proaspat epilata).
  • Un dus racoros in timpul unei zile fierbinte de vara.
  • Sunetul marii.
  • Cand te trezesti la 4 dimineata si inca mai ai cateva ore de somn ramase.
  • The smell of rain the summer.
  • That smell when the sea is just around the corner, and you just can’t see it yet, but you can smell it and almost taste it.
  • A cool breeze of wind during a hot day.
  • Being cozy in bed when a bad storm hits and listening to the rain and thunder.
  • The mornings from my childhood when I was still in bed, but I could hear my mom in the kitchen making breakfast. The smell of fresh coffee and the cutlery sound.
  • Taking off my bra after the longest day.
  • Going to bed with fresh and crisp linens (bonus if you are freshly waxed).
  • A cool shower during a hot summer day.
  • The sound of the sea.
  • Waking up at 4 am and still having some sleep time ahead.
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com
  • Cand te trezesti convins ca e zi de lunca, dar realizezi ca esti liber.
  • Sa fii pe un stadion in care 60000 de oameni canta pentru aceeasi echipa.
  • Momentul in care iti indeplinesti un vis. Cand vizitezi un loc in care ai vrut sa ajungi dintotdeauna (pentru mine, stadionul Santiago Bernabeu si Parisul).
  • Privelistea dintr-un avion.
  • Cand privesti cerul cu multimea sa de stelele si frumoasa luna (bonus daca prinzi o stea cazatoare sau aurora boreala).
  • Cand esti primul care calca pe un strat proaspat de zapada.
  • Momentul in care termini toate treburile de pe o lista.
  • Cand gatesti o mancare si are fix gustul celei facute de mama ta.
  • Cand o pisica toarce langa tine.
  • Fiecare dimineata in care te ridici din pat si nu ai probleme grave de sanatate si iti vezi de viata ta.
  • Waking up thinking you have to go to work and realizing it’s Saturday.
  • Being on a stadium with 60000 people that chant for the same team.
  • That moment when you see a dream come true. Visiting a place you always wanted to see (for me Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Paris).
  • Gazing below from an airplane.
  • Looking up at those wonderful stars and the beautiful moon (bonus if you spot a shooting star, or even better the aurora borealis).
  • Being the first one to step on a fresh layer of snow.
  • The moment when you finish all your tasks from a list.
  • Cooking a meal that tastes just like the one mom used to make for you.
  • A purring cat cuddling next to you.
  • Being able to get up from the bed in the morning, with no serious health issues, and go about your day.
Photo by Tomas Anunziata on Pexels.com

Si as mai putea continua. Tu ce ai pune pe lista?

And I could still go on. What would you add on the list?

Photo by Miesha Moriniere on Pexels.com


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