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Uneori viata te aduce in situatii din care poate crezi ca nimeni nu te poate ajuta sa iesi, nici macar tu insuti. Asta nu este o scuza sa devenim preocupati doar de persoana noastra, blocati doar in problemele si realitatea noastra. Cam asa reactioneaza oamenii atunci cand au probleme. De-a lungul timpului, viata mi-a adus multe provocari, insa un singur lucru a ramas constant in mintea mea: ca nu trebuie sa imi proiectez problemele sau nefericirea asupra altora. E important sa ne amintim ca toti avem greutati. Nu exista nimeni pe acest pamant care sa nu aiba probleme, si multi dintre noi ne confruntam cu ele chiar acum, in timp ce cititi aceste randuri.

Felul in care am ales sa depasesc problemele, cu zambetul pe buze si inarmata cu cate o gluma ii uimeste pe unii. Atat de mult incat pot crede ca mint atunci cand spun ca am o problema mare. Dar e OK, pentru ca nu caut ajutorul nimanui, depinde doar de mine sa ma ajut, si uneori sa ii ajut si pe altii, dupa cum veti vedea. In ziua de azi, disponibilitatea de a ajuta pe cineva te poate pune intr-o postura de inferioritate, pentru ca mai nou, bunatatea e confundata cu slabiciunea. Multi cer ajutor cand au nevoie, si dupa ce il primesc, nu se deranjeaza niciodata sa se ingrijeasca si de altcineva in afara de propria persoana. Multi te cauta doar cand au un interes si apoi te uita. Si asta e in regula din punctul meu de vedere. E probabil motivul pentru care astfel de oameni sunt atrasi de mine. Nu doar familia si prietenii, uneori si strainii de pe strada pornesc din senin o conversatie despre o problema de-a lor personala sau o situatie aparte. Cu siguranta citesc ceva in aura mea.

Nu doar oamenii simt asta, ci si animalele. Si iata o poveste despre cum am ingriit un porumbel mic, care mi-a cerut personal ajutorul. E o postare pe care trebuia sa o scriu de mult, dar din cauza unor probleme personale, blogul nu a fost o prioritate. Sper sa schimb asta. Dar hai sa ne intoarcem in decembrie 2021, cu doar cateva zile inainte de Craciun, cand un pui de porumbel a venit la fereastra mea, in cautare de ajutor.

Sometimes life takes you to a place where you are not sure if you can even help yourself. But remember that it is not an excuse to become self-centered, immersed only in your problems and your reality. This is how most people deal with problems. I’ve had life throw at me more balls than I can juggle, but one thing remained constant in my mind: that I should never project my problems or my unhappiness on others. It’s important to remember that we all have our hardships. There’s not a single soul on this planet that has not dealt with problems, and most of us are dealing with them right now, as you are reading these lines.

The way I pass through life’s hard times, with a smile on my face and a joke here and there always baffles others. So much that they might even believe that I am lying when I say that I am dealing with a major problem. But that’s OK because I seek no one’s help, it’s only up to me to help myself, and sometimes, as you will see, even help others. Being a decent human being sometimes puts you in a position of inferiority in today’s times, when kindness is mistaken for weakness. Many reach out for help only when they need it, they take and take and never bother to ask about someone other than themselves. Many will seek you out only when it’s in their best interest and then forget about you. And that’s fine with me. It’s probably why these people are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. Not only family and friends, sometimes even strangers reach out on the street and strike a conversation out of nowhere, about a personal issue or a certain situation. There’s definitely a vibe that I am giving out.

Not only humans feel this vibe, but animals too. And here’s a story about how I took care of a baby pigeon that personally came to me to request my help. It’s a long overdue post, but due to personal reasons, writing on my blog was not a priority for me. I hope to change that. But let me take you back to December 2021, just a few days before Christmas, when a baby pigeon came to my window, looking for help.

Era o zi friguroasa si umeda de decembrie. Cum lucrez de acasa, am avut cateva sedinte si lucruri de terminat, dar uneori imi mai aruncam privirea pe fereastra. Traiesc intr-un oras mare, dar apartamentul meu da intr-o curte mica, si desi este si o parcare, sunt si cativa pomi, unul dintre ei chiar in fata geamului. Asa am observat porumbelul. Statea acolo, somnoros si infrigurat. L-am tinut o vreme sub observatie si am sperat ca mama lui se va intoarce, dar nu s-a intamplat nimic. Am deschis geamul sa ii pun mancare si apa, iar el abia s-a miscat. La un moment dat a sarit pe plasa, parca ma implora sa il iau in casa. Se uita la mine cu niste ochi tristi si speriati. Mi se rupea inima, nu as fi suportat sa moara la geamul meu. Apoi l-am observat cum statea cand intr-un picior, cand in celalalt, probabil din cauza ca incet-incet ingheta de frig. Atunci am decis ca trebuie sa fac ceva. Asa ca l-am luat de acolo, fara ca porumbelul sa opuna cea mai mica rezistenta. Aveam o cutie de carton pe care am captusit-o cu niste hartii vechi, am pus porumbelul acolo si l-am acoperit cu un prosop. Era trist si molesit. Am plecat imediat cu el la veterinar.

It was a cold and wet December day. Since I am working from home, I had a few meetings and tasks to finish, but I was glaring out the window from time to time. I live in a big city, but my apartment is facing a backyard, and even if there is a parking lot, there are also a few trees, one right in from of my window. It’s how I noticed the baby pigeon. It was just sitting there, looking very sleepy and cold. I observed the pigeon for a while and hoped the mom will come back, but nothing happened. I opened the window to put out some food and water, and the baby pigeon barely moved. At one point it jumped on my window screen, almost begging to come in. He was looking at me with sad, scared eyes. My heart was breaking, I could not have bared to have this pigeon die on my window-still. Then, I noticed the pigeon started to stand on one leg, and then the other, probably because of the winter cold. It’s when I decided I had to do something. I reached out and grabbed the pigeon without resistance. I had a cardboard box, which I’ve padded with old papers, I put the pigeon in and covered the box with a cloth, he was a bit sad and droopy. And off to a nearby vet, I went.

Medicul l-a consultat si mi-a spus ca arata sanatos, e doar infrigurat si obosit. I-am cumparat mancare si vitamine si m-am intors acasa. Mi-a luat putin sa il conving sa manance si sa bea apa, dar ne-am imprietenit foarte repede. Pana a doua zi, porumbelul meu nu mai statea in coltul cutiei, era plin de energie, jucaus si chiar si vorbaret. L-am poreclit Porumbescu. Pentru ca s-a intremat, am decis sa incerc sa il eliberez. Asa ca am deschis geamul si l-am plasat usurel pe o ramura. Dupa ce a stat putin, a sarit inapoi inauntru, parca spunand “Nu multumesc, nu vreau afara”. Chiar daca ne-am imprietenit, eram constienta ca nu pot sa il tin ca animal de casa, asa ca am inceput sa caut o solutie. Veterinarul si comunitatile de pe internet m-au indreptat catre fundatia Visul Luanei, care ar fi dispusi sa preia porumbelul. Asa ca i-am contactat si am dus porumbelul la adapostul lor. Au spus ca va fi foarte bine ingrijit si mai apoi eliberat in natura. Desi mi-as fi dorit foarte mult, din cauza pandemiei nu am putut sa vizitez animalele care se mai aflau acolo. Imi e deja dor de el, dar acolo puteau sa ii ofere conditii mult mai bune decat mine. Puteti citi mai multe despre proiectele fundatiei si despre povestea impresionanta de la care au pornit, pe siteul lor. Este bine ca avem pe cineva care se ocupa cu ajutorarea animalelor care au nevoie.

Daca puteti, faceti o fapta buna, chiar daca si voi aveti greutatile voastre. Lumea noastra va fi un loc putin mai bun, mai ales in aceste vremuri.

The doctor checked the pigeon, told me it looks healthy, just a bit cold and tired. I bought food and some vitamins and returned home. It took little persuasion to get the little guy to start eating and drinking water, but we quickly became friends. By the second day, my pigeon was no longer sitting in the corner of the box, it was full of energy, playful, and even talkative. I named him Porumbescu, which in English would roughly translate as Mr. Pigeonson, and it is also the name of a famous Romanian composer. I decided to try and release the pigeon. So I opened the window and gently placed the pigeon on a branch. He sat there and jumped back inside so I took that as a “No thanks, I don’t want to go outside.” Even if we became friends, I was aware that I cannot keep the pigeons as a pet, so I started to look for a solution. The vet and the internet community told me about a wild animal rescue foundation, Luana’s Dream, that may be willing to take in the pigeon. So I contacted them and took the pigeon to the shelter. They said the pigeon will be well taken care of, and eventually released back in the wild. Because of the pandemic, I could not visit the shelter and other animals, even if I would have loved to do this. I miss the pigeon, but they can provide better conditions than I could. You can read more about the work they do and the impressive story that started it all on their website. It’s nice we have someone helping the animals in need.

If you can, do a good deed, even if you are having a hard time . It’s gonna make the world a brighter place, especially during these times.

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