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Radio Silence

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A fost liniste aici timp de cateva luni. E din cauza ca am fost ocupata cu evenimentele frumoase si mai putin frumoase pe care ni le aduce viata in fiecare zi.

It’s been quiet around here for some months now. It’s because I was busy with life and all the surprises, good and bad, that come along with each day that passes.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Inca lucrez cu zambetul pe buze de acasa si faptul ca am invatat sa imi separ viata de birou de viata personala mi-a adus numai satisfactii. Ma intreb de ce nu invatam lucrurile acestea simple din proprie initiativa, in loc sa asteptam ca viata sa ne dea o lectie despre care sunt prioritatile noastre.

Asa ca aceasta scurta postare e un memento care indeamna la relaxare si prioritizarea lucrurilor cu adevarat importante. Ca si intr-o situatie de urgenta, nu ii poti ajuta pe altii fara sa te ajuti pe tine mai intai.

Mereu ar trebui sa incercam sa vedem ce e bun, chiar si dintr-o situatie neplacuta. Iar atunci cand vine vorba de oameni, nu ii judecati din prima. Cine stie cu ce situatie dificila se confrunta. Desigur, uneori traim si dezamagiri o data ce realizam ca unii oameni chiar sunt toxici si nu fac niciun efort sa evolueze. Dar cel putin ati incercat, si dupa ce si-au dat arama pe fata ii veti putea ignora fara ezitari sau regrete.

De cateva luni, prioritatile mele sunt sanatatea si starea mea de bine, si cei dragi mie. Uneori e greu, dar ma straduiesc sa gasesc timp pentru cineva drag, un hobby, sau o activitate relaxanta. Voi ce prioritati aveti?

I am still happily working from home, and learning to separate my home office life from my actual home life has only brought good things.
I wonder why we don’t learn simple things like this from our initiative but wait for life to teach us a hard lesson to get our priorities straight.

So this post, while short, comes as a reminder for you to take it easy and put yourself first. It’s the same as when you are dealing with an emergency. You can’t help others unless you help yourself first.

Don’t focus on the bad, but always try to see the good, even in dire situations. When it comes to dealing with people, always try to give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what they are going through.
Sometimes it may be disappointing as it turns out that some people are toxic and are not willing to grow.
But at least you tried, and once you realize their true colors, you’ll be able to ignore them with no second thoughts or regrets.

As of some months ago, for me, my priorities are my health and wellbeing and my loved ones. Sometimes it’s tough, but I do my best to find time for someone dear, a hobby, or relaxing activity. What are your priorities?

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