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Cum anul se apropie de final, incepem sa tragem linie si sa ne gandim la ce a fost bine si ce a fost rau. Si abia astept sa vad ce imi va aduce 2023 (puteti citi despre o parte din motivele pentru acest lucru in postarea mea anterioara). Dar, daca ati citit deja, stiti ca ultimii ani nu au fost prea buni cu mine. De fapt, au fost exceptional de prosti. Asa ca acum ca lucrurile bune au inceput sa se adune in ultimele luni, uneori imi trece prin minte ca 2023 o sa imi ia totul. Nu e neaparat gandire negativista, ci mai debraba un mecanism de auto-aparare ca sa pot fi pregatita IN CAZ CA … poate ceva nu merge bine.

As the year nears an end, we start to draw the line and think about what was good and what went wrong. And I’m looking forward to what 2023 will bring (you can read part of the reasons in my previous post). But, if you took the time to read it, you’ll know by now that the past years were not extraordinarily good. If anything, they were exceptionally bad. So, even if good things have been piling up for me in the past few months, I sometimes think that 2023 will take it all away. It’s not necessarily negative thinking but more of a self-defense mechanism so that I can be mentally prepared IN CASE IF … anything goes awry.

E ciudat cum uneori ne agatam de ce e negativ, chiar si cand ni se intampla lucruri bune. Cand mi se intampla asta, las gandurile sa curga liber pentru cateve momente. Nu incerc sa le opresc, pentru ca nu as face decat sa imi ridic si mai multe probleme. Asa ca le iau in seama si trec mai departe. O data ce am facut asta, prefer sa ma concentrez pe ce am de facut, ACUM. Ceva de rezolvat la munca, sau prin casa, sau, daca am timp pentru mine, ascult muzica, citesc, ma uit la un film sau scriu ceva aici daca am dispozitia necesara (scrisul e ceva de care nu prea m-am tinut in ultimul an). E o strategie buna ca sa imi tin mintea ocupata. Dar activitatea mea preferata e sa ma gandesc la toate lucrurile minunate pe care 2022 mi le-a planificat pentru 2023. Si implica multe calatorii, care mi-au lipsit in ultimii ani, dar si muzica.

Iubesc faptul ca muzica va juca un rol atat de important in 2023. Pentru mine, chiar si in momentele grele, muzica nu s-a oprit niciodata. E ce m-a ajutat sa trec mai usor peste probleme, dar mi-a fost alaturi si in momentele frumoase. Magia din muzica iti poate vindeca sufletul daca suferi, sau te poate face si mai fericit atunci cand zambesti.

Asa ca iata artistii care au cantat in coloana sonora a vietii mele in ultimii ani, dar si cateva recomandari din partea mea:

  • Louis Tomlinson tocmai a lansat al doilea album, Faith In The Future (un nume care ma inspira). Written All Over Your Face, Face The Music, Silver Tongues, si Out Of My System sunt recomandarile mele. Dar de pe primul album, Walls, ar trebui sa ascultati adevarate opere de arta precum Kill My Mind, Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, Two Of Us, sau Always You.
  • Harry Styles mi-a readus zambetul cu al treilea album, Harry’s House. Ascultati Grapejuice la un pahar de vin, sau dansati pe As It Was, desi versurile contrasteaza puternic cu muzica, sau poate gasiti inspiratie in Matilda. De pe al doilea lui album, Fine Line, Adore You este preferata mea, dar Falling si Canyon Moon sunt si ele acolo, in inima mea. Albumul de debut, Harry Styles, cu Sign Of The Times in frunte este un rollercoaster de emotie, de la melancolicul Ever Since New York la Carolina, care mereu reuseste sa ma binedispuna.
  • Imagine Dragons – ultimii dar nu cei din urma, nu cred ca e o piesa pe care sa o sar de pe albumele lor. Iubesc versusile lor si puterea cu care isi transmit mesajul. Este forta pura, impachetata in sunete minunate.

Sunt mult mai multi artisit pe lista mea: Coldplay, Sia, One Direction (cu siguranta v-ati dat seama dupa primele mele alegeri), Maneskin, Robbie Williams, OneRepublic, ABBA, Wet Leg, sau Sam Smith. Un amestec de stiluri total diferite, dar care aduce emotii unice.

Asa ca … Sa Cante Muzica … Mereu!

It’s strange how we sometimes hang on to the negative, even when life delivers good things. Once that happens, I let those thoughts live with me for a few moments; I don’t actively try to fight them off, as for me, it could lead to even more negative thinking. So I let them be, acknowledge them and move on. Once I take note, I’d instead focus on what I have to do next, NOW. Work tasks, chores around the house, or if I have some time to myself, I listen to music, read, watch a movie, or come here to write if I am in the mood (not very good at keeping up with writing in the past year). It’s a good strategy to keep my mind busy. But my favorite activity is to actively think about all the wonderful things 2022 has set up for me in 2023. And it involves a lot of traveling, which I have missed in the past years and music.

I love that music will play such an important role for me in 2023. It’s because, for me, even during the hardest times, the music has never stopped. It’s what got me through the bad and stayed with me during the good times. There’s magic flowing through music that can make your soul better when it hurts or take you even higher when you are happy.

So here are the artists that provided the soundtrack for these past years of my life, and a few recommendations:

  • Louis Tomlinson just launched his second album, Faith In The Future (such an inspiring name). Written All Over Your Face, Face The Music, Silver Tongues, and Out Of My System are my recommendations. But don’t skip his first album, Walls, because you will miss out on true masterpieces like Kill My Mind, Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, Two Of Us, or Always You.
  • Harry Styles put a smile on my face with his third album, Harry’s House. Listen to Grapejuice with a glass of wine in your hand, dance along to As It Was, even if the lyrics strongly contrast the music, or take inspiration from Matilda. From his second album, Fine Line, Adore You is my all-time favourite, but Falling and Canyon Moon are also close to my heart. His debut album, Harry Styles, with Sign Of The Times leading the way, is a rollercoaster of emotion, from the rawness that is Ever Since New York to Carolina, which always puts me in a great mood.
  • Imagine Dragons – last but not least, I don’t think there’s a track I would skip from their albums. I love their lyrics and the power with which they deliver their message. It is strength wrapped in beautiful sounds.

There are more artists on my list: Coldplay, Sia, One Direction (surely you could tell after my first two choices), Maneskin, Robbie Williams, OneRepublic, ABBA, Wet Leg, or Sam Smith. A blend that contains different styles but delivers unique emotions.

So … Let The Music Play … Always!


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward To …”

    1. Buna, si mersi ca ai trecut pe aici 🙂 dar si pt cuvintele frumoase. Imagine Dragons nu au f multe concerte momentan in 2023, dar vin la Cj la Untold. Din pacate nu am cum sa ajung acolo dar sper ca o sa mai am inca o ocazie alta data 🙂

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