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Ianuarie a fost o luna calma si m-a lasat intr-un punct linistit al vietii mele. Poate ati simtit putina melancolie in ultimele doua postari, Out Of Place si The Pursuit of Happiness, dar nu a fost deloc vorba despre asa ceva. A fost doar pledoaria mea pentru o viata mai simpla, linistita, si mai orientata catre mine.  

January was quiet, and I am in a happy place right now. Maybe you thought that my last two posts, Out Of Place and The Pursuit of Happiness, were a bit on the melancholic side, but that was not the case. It was just my manifesto for a more simpler, quiet, and somehow self-centered life. 

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Acest text este continuarea articolului Longing

Traiesc cu impresia ca pentru majoritatea oamenilor fericirea este ceva asemanator cu fata morgana. Este o iluzie care le arata cea mai frumoasa fantezie a lor, insa atunci cand incearca sa ajunga la ea, dispare ca din senin. Daca ma uit in jur, vad ca fericirea are o definitie diferita pentru fiecare dintre noi, iar acest lucru este perfect normal. Insa pentru multi dintre noi, fericirea este un concept nerealist. Munti de bani, mult timp liber, calatorii cat cuprinde si relaxare maxima. Stiti voi, fix cum vedeti in conturile acelea de pe Insta. Fericirea a ajuns ca o opera de arta care sta intr-un muzeu si este admirata, dar este prea scumpa ca sa fie cumparata. Asa ca platim bilete ca sa ne uitam la ea pentru cateva minute si apoi continuam sa ne vedem de viata noastra trista.

This post is a continuation of Longing

I feel that for most people, happiness is something similar to a fata morgana illusion. It’s right there in front of them, displaying the most beautiful fantasy, but when they reach out to grab it, poof! It just disappears! If I stop and look around, happiness has a different definition for each one of us, and that’s perfectly normal. But for many of us, happiness is also unrealistic. It involves a great amount of money, lots of free time, visiting cool places, and chilling all the time. You know, just like that perfect Instagram account you follow. Happiness is like an expensive art piece that belongs in a gallery only to be admired, too expensive to take home. So you pay a ticket to stare at it for a few minutes and then mind your own sad business.



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Nu am avut multe de spus in ultima vreme pentru ca simt ca intr-un fel mi-am pierdut “vocea”. Nu din lipsa de timp sau de inspiratie. Doar ca mi-am luat o vreme sa imi golesc mintea. Si nu imi place sa scriu doar de dragul de a adauga o postare noua pe blog. Asa ca am stat de-o parte o vreme. In tot acest timp, am luat fiecare moment pe rand si m-am bucurat de lucrurile marunte. Unii ar numi-o rutina. Alcatuita din drumuri de la munca acasa si invers, cu multe momente de fericire intre. Din pacate nu apreciem deloc aceste momente de liniste. Am avut partea mea de momente mai putin bune, iar atunci cand nu se intampla nimic lucurile sunt departe de a fi plictisitoare. Ca sa fiu sincera, imi e frica sa nu se sparga cumva aceasta bula momentana de calm. Ma opresc si imi scot gandul asta din minte si merg mai departe. Pana la urma asta e viata, un labirint in intuneric cu suisuri, coborasuri si blocaje la care nu te astepti.

Generatia mea isi petrece majoritatea timpului visand la ce au altii, sau la o viata pe care o vezi doar in filme. Si iata-ma pe mine, mergand la munca si nu intr-o vacanta de lux. Asta in timp ce ii multumesc soarelui ca straluceste ca intr-o zi de vara in noiembrie. Ma opresc si “vobesc” cu o pisica fericita ca o mangaie si pe ea cineva. Ma bucur de o cina cu o prietena buna si apoi imi beau cafeaua dimineata. Ma simt super incarcata cu energie dupa ce plec de la sala. Si mi se umple inima de fericire cand primesc o ploae de pupici iubitori. Si visez si eu la ceva: ca aceste momente sa tot continue. Pentru ca asta este fericirea mea: sa gasesc bucurie zi de zi in viata mea (im)perfecta.

I haven’t had much to say lately, mostly because I feel like I’ve lost my “voice” somehow. It’s not that I don’t have time or inspiration. I took a while to clear my head. And because I don’t like to write just for the sake of filling another page on a blog, I figured it’s best to stay quiet. I’ve spent my time taking life step by step and enjoying the little things. You could say it’s a routine consisting of work-home-work-home routes and snippets of happiness in-between. But I don’t think we fully appreciate these moments; sailing on calm waters, I call them. I’ve had my share of rough waters during my time, and nothing happening is far off from being boring. I am just existing, and to be honest, I am scared that something will burst my calm bubble. I shake this thought out of my head and keep going. After all, that’s what life is: a rollercoaster ride in the dark with twists and turns when you least expect them.

My generation spends most of its time longing for things that others have, or for a life that exists only in the movies. And here I am, going to work, and not at a fancy resort. Thanking the sun for shining so bright on a November morning giving summer vibes when the summer is long gone. Stopping to play with a stray cat that meows with content each time I pet her head. Happily enjoying a dinner with a good friend. Drinking my coffee in the morning. Feeling those good vibes after going to the gym. Having my heart filled with happiness after being showered with loving kisses. Also longing for something: for this to go on. Because this is what my happiness is: finding joy every day in my not so perfect-perfect life.



Ce este mai important pentru voi? Un serviciu care va aduce satisfactie sau un serviciu mai bine platit? Va rog sa nu il lasti pe idealistul din voi sa raspunda singur pentru ca deja stiu raspunsul: un serviciu care iti aduce mai multa satisfactie.

Am fost in ambele situatii, si oricat de cinic ar suna, voi alege mereu un salariu mai bun si beneficii, in ciuda satisfactiei. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, este foarte bine sa ai un serviciu la care te duci de drag, dar numai cativa dintre noi sunt destul de norocosi sa imbine placerea cu un salariu bun. Asa ca iata punctul meu de vedere:

What is more important to you? A job that brings you satisfaction or a job that delivers more in terms of money? Now please, don’t let the idealist in you answer this question alone, because I already know the answer: job satisfaction.

I was in both situations and as cynical as it may sound, I will always choose a better salary and job perks over high job satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, loving what you do has major benefits, but only a few of us are lucky enough to do what they love and make good money out of it. So hear me out:

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Noi, romanii, avem tendinta de a absorbi in cultura noastra diverse sarbatori, obiceiuri, manifestari de prin alte culturi mai avansate. Nu e nimic rau in asta, in acest punct ne-a adus globalizarea si nu ma deranjeaza sa asimilez anumite lucruri bune, care functioneaza si pe la altii. Insa in ultima vreme a luat o amploare ingrijoratoare preluarea unor termeni din engleza si folosirea lor peste masura la birou. Faptul ca vorbim multe limbi straine e un lucru bun pentru romani, dar as vrea macar sa vorbim corect, daca la anumite obiceiuri nu vom renunta. Mai rau e ca anumiti termeni nu sunt altceva decat traduceri care nu au sens sau nu se regasesc in limba romana.

In loc de TRIMITE acum avem SUBMITEAZA, ceea ce mi se pare ciudat, pentu ca un simplu trimite e mai simplu de pronuntat.


Aceasta mi se pare unul dintre cei mai ciudati termeni, pentru ca englezii il folosesc in alt context. In cazul nostru, vorbim de o decizie care “IMPACTEAZA” intreaga companie. Nu e mai usor sa spunem INFLUENTEAZA?