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Pentru mine, vara e un moment tocmai bun pentru citit; fie in concediu pe plaja, sau acasa, in pat, la finalul unei zi de munca. E o activitate tare relaxanta, care pentru multi din pacate e pe cale de disparitie. Ma gandeam de curad care ar fi cartile pe care le-as reciti oracand. Iata ce a iesit: Summer is the perfect time to stat reading. On vacation, on the beach or at home, after a long day of work … it’s the most relaxing activity. I was thinking recently about the books that I would read again, with the same pleasure. Here’s the short list:

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A Moment With Me, My Stories


1. O sa auzi citate peste citate din cartile preferate / You’ll always hear quotes from all kind of books.


2. O sa aiba in geanta cel putin o carte / She/he will always carry a book.


3. Inevitabil te va compara cu personajele din carti / You’ll be compared to book characters.


A Moment With Me, My Stories


Post avalable in English and Romanian
E clar! Am dat in mintea copiilor. De curand am redescoperit o placere uitata demult si anume … cartile de colorat. Nu am mai pus mana pe una de cand eram mica. Pe atunci, acesta era unul dintre lucrurile care imi faceau mare placere. Asadar, cand am pus ochii pe o carte de colorat pentru adulti nu am ezitat si am luat-o acasa cu mine. It’s so good to be a child again! This was my first thought after I’ve rediscovered a long forgotten pleasure … coloring books. I haven’t touched one in years since I was a kid. Back then it was one of my hobbies. As it turns out, I didn’t hesitate when I saw this coloring book for adults; I’ve picked one right up.

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A Moment With Me, Lifestyle


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La inceput de an ne facem cu totii lista cu obiective. Ale mele sunt simple, interesul meu este sa fie si realizabile 🙂 A new year begins and we all like to make a list of resolutions. My objectives are simple, it’s in my best interest to actually achieve my goals 🙂

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A Moment With Me, My Stories


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Intotdeauna am avut o imaginatie bogata si idei nenumarate. Poate daca le-as pune pe hartie acestea ar alcatui o carte frumoasa. Cel putin asa cred eu. Voi ati citi un capitol din povestea mea?


Era o noapte calduroasa de vara. Nici ea nu mai stia exact cum a ajuns pe colina intunecata din apropierea orasului. Deasupra ei, doar cerul luminat de milioane de stele, in fata, panorama orasului adormit. In rest, liniste. Si-ar fi dorit sa fie la fel de liniste si in mintea ei, dar mii de ganduri ii treceau prin cap in acelasi timp. -“Trebuie sa fie cel mai negru an din viata mea” a spus cu voce soptita.


Emma n-a mai apucat sa termine de recapitulat sirul de intamplari nefericite din an. A adormit acolo, in iarba si, pentru o noapte a avut intregul oras la picioare.


“Ma simt ca intr-un film de groaza ieftin. Nici nu mai stiu ce e adevarat si ce nu. Nu mai am niciun prieten si imi este greu sa mai vorbesc cu oamenii din jurul meu. As vrea sa raman in lumea mea si sa nu ma mai intorc niciodata aici.” si-a spus Emma, in dialogul tacut cu ea insasi.
Nu e ceva ce colegii ei ar fi inteles.
-“E plictisitor aici si, in plus, multi dintre voi sunteti niste prosti.” a spus Emma din senin, cu voce rastita. A iesit apoi furtunos din birou, desi orele de lucru nu se terminasera. Nici macar pauza pentru masa de pranz nu era aproape.
Oamenii din birou s-au oprit brusc din tastat. S-au uitat spre usa pentru o secunda si apoi si-au reluat activitatea aproape robotizata.
“Tap, click, tap, tap, click” … aceeasi muzica dizarmonica a rasunat din nou in cubiculele inghesuite.
Emma a dat fuga in parcul din apropiere si s-a asezat pe o banca, la soare. In fata ei, un baietel desena pe asfalt un monstru ciudat, desprins din cartile de povesti. Mama lui nici nu-l baga in seama.
Mintea ei parea in alta parte, privirea ii era infipta undeva in asfalt si avea un zambet ciudat in coltul gurii.
“Macar nu sunt singura nebuna din orasul asta” si-a zis Emma.

I always had a vivid imagination and ideas. Maybe if I wrote some of them on paper they would make a nice book. At least that’s what I think. Would you read a chapter of my story?


It was a warm summer night. She didn’t even remember how she got on the dark hill, outside of the city. Above her it was only the sky, lit by millions of stars, in front, the view of the sleeping city. And all was quiet. She wished the turmoil inside of her head would fade, but she was thinking of a thousand things. “This must be the hardest year of my life” she whispered.


Emma didn’t finish reviewing all of the bad things that have happened in the last year. She fell asleep there, in the grass and for one night, she had all the city at her feet.


“I feel like I’m in a cheap horror movie. I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not. I don’t have any friends left and I can’t connect to the people around me. I would like to go back to my world and never come back here”. That’s what Emma was saying to herself. It’s not something her colleagues would understand.

“I’m bored here and most of you are stupid” she shouted out loud all of a sudden. She then left the office in a hurry, even if the working hours weren’t over. Lunch break wasn’t even close.

The people in her office suddenly stopped typing. They looked at the door for a second and returned to what they were doing. They all looked like little robots: “Tap, click, tap, tap, click” … the same disharmonic music came out of the crowded cubicles.
Emma ran to the nearest park and sat on a bench, facing the sun. In front of her, a boy was drawing a strange monster. His mom wasn’t even looking at him. Her mind was lost somewhere and she had a strange smile frozen on her lips.
“At least I’m not the only crazy woman in this city”, said Emma.