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Am trait-o si pe asta! Cei de la Maroon 5 au concertat in sfarsit in Bucuresti. Eu ii stiam de pe vremea cand nici macar nu se numeau Maroon 5 ci … Kara’s Flowers. Daca suneti curiosi, cautati Soap Disco pe You Tube. Apoi baietii s-au rebranduit si au lansat albumul care i-a facut celebri: Songs about Jane. Acum serios … daca nici eu nu sunt fanul lor, atunci cine mai e ?! 🙂 I finally got to live this! Maron 5 performed in Bucharest this month. I knew them since they were named Kara’s Flowers. If you are curious, search for Soap Disco on YouTube. Then, the guys rebranded and launched the album that made them famous: Songs about Jane. Really now … if I’m not a fan then who is ?! 🙂

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