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Cum anul se apropie de final, incepem sa tragem linie si sa ne gandim la ce a fost bine si ce a fost rau. Si abia astept sa vad ce imi va aduce 2023 (puteti citi despre o parte din motivele pentru acest lucru in postarea mea anterioara). Dar, daca ati citit deja, stiti ca ultimii ani nu au fost prea buni cu mine. De fapt, au fost exceptional de prosti. Asa ca acum ca lucrurile bune au inceput sa se adune in ultimele luni, uneori imi trece prin minte ca 2023 o sa imi ia totul. Nu e neaparat gandire negativista, ci mai debraba un mecanism de auto-aparare ca sa pot fi pregatita IN CAZ CA … poate ceva nu merge bine.

As the year nears an end, we start to draw the line and think about what was good and what went wrong. And I’m looking forward to what 2023 will bring (you can read part of the reasons in my previous post). But, if you took the time to read it, you’ll know by now that the past years were not extraordinarily good. If anything, they were exceptionally bad. So, even if good things have been piling up for me in the past few months, I sometimes think that 2023 will take it all away. It’s not necessarily negative thinking but more of a self-defense mechanism so that I can be mentally prepared IN CASE IF … anything goes awry.

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Am lipsit o vreme lunga de pe blog si desi am tot vrut sa revin nu prea mi-am gasit vocea. S-au schimbat multe de la ultima mea postare si nu neaparat in sensul bun.

In timp ce lumea avea batai de cap cu Covid-19 si era ocupata cu discutii pro si contra despre vaccin, eu imi duceam propria lupta. Am avut cateva probleme de sanatate pe care a trebuit sa le rezolv, in timp ce iubirea vietii mele trecea prin ceva similar. Au fost … multe eventiment care s-au desfasurat intr-un timp scurt.

M-am simtit ca si cand am trecut prin iad si cand ma pregateam sa ies, mi-am pierdut tatal. L-am pierdut din nou dupa ce acum cativa ani a ales sa plece si sa isi intemeieze o alta familie. Doar ca de data asta l-am pierdut definitiv. A fost un roller coaster de emotii care a mers intr-o singura directie, in jos.

I’ve been absent quite a lot from here, wanting to return to writing but not really finding my inner voice. A lot of things have changed in my life since my last post, and not in a good way.

While the world was dealing with Covid-19 and raising its voices over vaccine pros and cons, I was fighting my battles.
I’ve had some health issues I had to deal with while watching the love of my life go through similar issues. It was … a lot to take in in such a short time.

It felt like I’d been through hell, and just as I found my way out, I lost my dad. I lost him again after he decided to leave and start a new family a few years ago. But this time, I’ve lost him for good.
It’s been a roller coaster with only one direction, down, and a hell of a ride.

Photo by Dana Sredojevic on Pexels.com
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Incep sa cred ca marea majoritate a romanilor si concertele se impaca cu greu. In ultimii ani am fost norocoasa sa particip la toate concertele mari care au avut loc in capitala Romaniei. Acum ar fi un moment bun sa mentionez si ca am avut cele mai bune locuri: diamond sau golden circle. De fiecare data dupa concerte o parte dintre oamenii cu care discutam aveau aceeasi parere: “Bai … nasol a mai fost aseara.”; un singur lucru aveau in comun: bilete la normal circle. Nu puteam sub nicio forma sa le scot din cap ca se inseala si ca in fata m-am simtit aproape ca la Glastonbury. Ei bine, la concertul Muse am ajuns si eu pentru prima … si ultima data la normal circle. Stiti expresia aia: “Dai un ban da’ stai in fata?” se potriveste perfect la concertele din Romania. Fanii hardcore isi rup de la gura ca sa stea acolo in fata si sa simta toata energia din timpul concertului. Ce se intampla in spate … e alta poveste.

Asa ca am de gand sa va scriu aici cateva ganduri pe care poate o sa le luati in considerare data viitoare cand aveti bilete la normal sau ma rog … la orice concert in general:

I’m starting to believe that Romanians don’t have a clue about how to behave at a concert. In the past years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend all the major concerts that took place in Bucharest. Now it would be a good time for me to mention that I’ve always had front row tickets. After every gig, some of my friends kept saying how the concert didn’t live up to their expectations. They had one thing in common: normal circle tickets. I couldn’t convince them that up front you feel like you’re at Glastonbury. Oh well, at Muse I had normal circle tickets for the first (and last) time. In Romania, we have a saying: “You pay lots of money but at least you stay in front” it applies perfectly at concerts. The true fans give their last penny for the best seats and for an unforgivable experience. What goes on behind … now that’s anther story!

So here’s my two cents on how you should behave at any concert … maybe you’ll take them into account:

Muse in Bucharest


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Am trait-o si pe asta! Cei de la Maroon 5 au concertat in sfarsit in Bucuresti. Eu ii stiam de pe vremea cand nici macar nu se numeau Maroon 5 ci … Kara’s Flowers. Daca suneti curiosi, cautati Soap Disco pe You Tube. Apoi baietii s-au rebranduit si au lansat albumul care i-a facut celebri: Songs about Jane. Acum serios … daca nici eu nu sunt fanul lor, atunci cine mai e ?! 🙂 I finally got to live this! Maron 5 performed in Bucharest this month. I knew them since they were named Kara’s Flowers. If you are curious, search for Soap Disco on YouTube. Then, the guys rebranded and launched the album that made them famous: Songs about Jane. Really now … if I’m not a fan then who is ?! 🙂

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Concertul lui Robbie Williams de la Bucuresti a fost unul dintre cele mai discutate subiecte in acest sfarsit de saptamana, cel putin pe retelele de social media. Era si normal, avand in vedere ca Robbie s-a lasat asteptat pana acum in Romania. A meritat insa pe deplin.

Am citit de bine despre Robbie si despre prestatia sa. Englezul s-a simtit super la Bucuresti si s-a vazut asta. Show-urile sale oricum sunt spectaculoase prin definitie. Nu e o voce anonima, stie sa lucreze cu publicul si sa transmita din energia sa dincolo de scena.

News of the week: Robbie Williams finally performed in Bucharest. Oh, how I was waiting for him. And oh, how the world gossiped after the event; it was one of the most popular topics on social media platforms. It was normal, Robbie waited too long to visit us. But the wait was well worth it.
People talked good and bad about Robbie’s performance. For me there’s no doubt: I loved it. The whole show lived up to my expectations. Robbie felt good on stage and you could see that. He is known for his spectacular performances; besides sending emotions trough his songs he is also funny, knows how to interact with the crowd and how to send his energy beyond the stage.


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