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Concertul lui Robbie Williams de la Bucuresti a fost unul dintre cele mai discutate subiecte in acest sfarsit de saptamana, cel putin pe retelele de social media. Era si normal, avand in vedere ca Robbie s-a lasat asteptat pana acum in Romania. A meritat insa pe deplin.

Am citit de bine despre Robbie si despre prestatia sa. Englezul s-a simtit super la Bucuresti si s-a vazut asta. Show-urile sale oricum sunt spectaculoase prin definitie. Nu e o voce anonima, stie sa lucreze cu publicul si sa transmita din energia sa dincolo de scena.

News of the week: Robbie Williams finally performed in Bucharest. Oh, how I was waiting for him. And oh, how the world gossiped after the event; it was one of the most popular topics on social media platforms. It was normal, Robbie waited too long to visit us. But the wait was well worth it.
People talked good and bad about Robbie’s performance. For me there’s no doubt: I loved it. The whole show lived up to my expectations. Robbie felt good on stage and you could see that. He is known for his spectacular performances; besides sending emotions trough his songs he is also funny, knows how to interact with the crowd and how to send his energy beyond the stage.


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Am inceput deja numaratoarea inversa pentru concertul lui Robbie Williams de la Bucuresti (17 iulie in Piata Constitutiei). Nu va fi insa prima data cand il voi vedea in concert pe Robbie, ne-am “intalnit” si acum doi ani, la Manchester, cand a incantat toata Europa in cadrul turneului sau “Take the crown”. Chiar daca a plouat (ce surpriza 🙂 ) a fost un concert memorabil. Desi nu mai este tocmai tinerel, Robbie a reusit sa tina in priza un stadion intreg pentru mai bine de doua ore. Si nu, nu erau numai fete in public. Cam asa a aratat atunci scena: I started the countdown for the Robbie Williams concert in Bucharest (17 July, Constitution Square). It’s not going to be the first time I’ll see Robbie perform. We’ve also “met” two years ago, in Manchester, for his European “”Take the crown”” tour. It rained (what a surprise 🙂 ) but the concert was memorable. Even if he just turned 40, Robbie acted like a teenager throughout the two-hour concert. And no, the crowd wasn’t all female. You can see in the photo gallery how the stage looked then.

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